How to Wash and Care For Hair After Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Instructions to help you care for your grafts and your transplant results

How To Wash Your Hair After Hair Restoration Surgery

Have you ever wondered how patients wash their hair after they’ve undergone a hair transplant in New Jersey? We’re providing the following instructions as a guide to help you care for your grafts and your transplant results.

New Jersey hair transplant clinics usually have preferred, post-treatment topical products they’ll advise you to use. We’ll provide you with a specially medically formulated shampoo designed to give safe, gentle care for your scalp. We’ll schedule an appointment for you to return to our clinic the day after treatment and get your first hair wash with our staff.

While you’re here, we’ll show you how to gently pour clean water over the area and cleanse without rubbing or scratching on the scalp. The temperature of the water should be warm or cool, but not hot. We’ll advise you to avoid submerging in bathtubs or hot tubs for the first couple of weeks until your incisions are completely healed. This is an essential element of infection prevention because the bacteria in swimming pools, hot tubs or even your own bath can jeopardize your healing.

Beginning the second or third day, back at home, you’ll be instructed to wash the transplant and donor area twice per day, morning and evening. This continues for four days. When you cleanse the scalp, leave the specialized shampoo foam on your head for 5 minutes, then rinse. Do not scrub at the implant recipient area. You may be advised to use a sponge or soft bristle brush to gently scrub the donor area at the back of your head. That can help remove scabs more quickly and encourage healing.

It’s normal to feel some itching while you’re recovering. Active healing and formation of new blood vessels and nerves around the follicle grafts will sometimes create an itchy sensation that feels distracting and frustrating. You can ask your surgeon to prescribe medication if needed or a topical solution to help soothe the scalp.

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Water Pressure

It will be essential that you do not allow intense water pressure on your scalp for that first week. That means that even standing under the shower head is not permitted. Instead, we’ll advise you to pour clean water over the head from a bowl or pitcher, until the area is clean. Remember to avoid temperature extremes. You may pat the head dry.

Beginning on day 6, you may start to wash your hair normally again. At this point in recovery, most swelling and inflammation have resolved, and your grafts will be strong enough to withstand pressure from the shower head or light rubbing.

If you find that your hair implant scabs are persisting, you can leave the shampoo suds on for 15 minutes to soften them and gently slough them off. Between days 6-10, most people see a completely healed scalp and the redness from tiny incision sites will begin to resolve.

The Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in New Jersey is home to expert board certified plastic surgeons and hair experts. We’ll be pleased to meet with you and help you plan a transformation that restores your confidence, along with your hair.

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