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Planning New Jersey FUE Treatments

Some people love to shop around. They like to meet with experts, ask well-researched questions and receive feedback. Gathering as much information as possible before making an important decision is always a good idea, but other people like to do that information gathering in the privacy of their own home, on the computer. Not everyone knows that an in-person consultation with a hair loss expert is ideal when planning New Jersey FUE treatments.

Given the large amount of information available online to day it is understandable that people sometimes feel they can learn all they need this way. There are, however, a couple of important reasons why having an in-person consultation is key to the success of your transplant.

Treatment Misinformation

First, there is an abundance of information online today- that’s true- but there’s a lot of misinformation too. Myths about hair loss and hair transplants abound. For instance, the way hair transplants are done and the amount of scarring you can expect, the relative length of time you can expect to be off work while recovering or length of time you will need to wait to see your results can be difficult to guage. You may read one website’s opinion that recovery takes 2 days and results are seen instantly. Another clinic reports a 2-week recovery time and 9 months to wait for results. Of course, many people would assume that the first source has a better product but in fact, they are both describing the same procedure and unrealistically quick projections for recovery and results can leave many people disappointed and frustrated.

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Male Pattern Hair Loss

It is often difficult to notice or assess our own hair loss.

As well, being seen in person is important because may people don’t know where they fall on the spectrum of male pattern hair loss progression. It is often difficult to notice or assess our own hair loss so that we only see it if looking at photos taken many years apart. People will typically view and describe their hair loss differently than an expert might and the type of method chosen to give you the best results will depend on your true picture of hair loss. Age is an important factor for New Jersey FUE candidacy and rather than advanced age being an issue, often prospective patients are a bit too young. It is true that many men as young as 20 see the beginning of hair loss and they want to take action with a hair transplant but because of the early stage they are at, future hair loss patterns can be unpredictable and performing a transplant too early could lead to unappealing and obvious-looking results later on.

Nothing beats an expert assessment and feedback to help you choose the procedure that suits your goals. At Celebrity Hair Transplant Clinic, our complimentary consultation process is designed to get you the information you need to make the best choice about New Jersey FUE treatments.

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