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Is it Wise To Plan A NYC Hair Transplant on Vacation?

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Is it wise to book a hair transplant during vacation?

So, you’re ready to plan a NYC hair transplant but not sure when the best time will be for both the treatment and recovery. Many people schedule cosmetic procedures during vacation times because this is when they are able to take much-needed time away from work.

Is it wise to book a hair transplant during vacation? The answer to this question depends largely on what you plan to get out of your vacation time. Today’s modern FUE transplant methods are less invasive than ever before and allow for fast, simple recovery. However, it is imperative that a potential patient understand the necessary recovery process and known risks inherent to the procedure. Knowing what to expect, then planning certain restrictions and care accordingly, will ensure an optimal healing period and results.

How Is It Done?

After your NYC hair transplant, you can return to work and many low-key activities within days, however, due to subtle redness at the treatment site and mild swelling, many patients will opt to cover the scalp with a hat and stay out of social situations for a week or so. If the reason that you’re interested in having your procedure on vacation is so that you can keep it a secret from friends and coworkers, then scheduling time away can be quite convenient- allowing you to relax away from the public eye and heal with no scrutiny or questions to answer. However, you should plan to take it easy and not fill that “vacation” time with a lot of activity because you may be disappointed.

If you imagine that you will recover from a hair transplant while also taking part in strenuous travel, vigorous spots, water activities, off the beaten track exploration or questionable sanitary conditions, then your expectations are unrealistic. In addition, if your idea of a great vacation involves a lot of sun and surf, this is also not a realistic plan during hair transplant recovery.

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Modern hair transplant surgery leaves you vulnerable to infection and complications during healing.

Your surgeon will advise that you not submerge your scalp in water for at least a week- especially pool, hot tub or ocean water. As well, cardio workouts and any strenuous activity that gets your heart rate and blood pressure up can pump more pressure and swelling to the treatment area, and even compromise the grafts themselves. Your scalp will show small scabs for 5-7 days after your procedure and this will naturally slough off through regular, gentle washing. You’ll need to protect your head from the sun while healing and for at least a few months as new scars are sensitive to light and may produce excess pigment in response to sunlight.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we recommend that you talk with our hair experts about what to expect and how to plan a safe, comfortable recovery after your NYC hair transplant.

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