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Is Scarless New Jersey FUE Truly Scarless?

Truly Scarless Surgery

Excellent Advances In Modern New Jersey FUE Technology

There have been excellent advances in modern New Jersey FUE technology that mean the procedure is minimally invasive and the long, linear scar necessary for hair transplants of the past is no longer a given. But is FUE hair transplant surgery truly scar less?

The Answer is Yes, and No

Relative to the scars and visibility of past hair transplant procedures, today’s methods and results could truly be called scar less, in the right hands. This means that when looking at a well-executed hair transplant, you should not be able to see obvious scars where hair grafts have been harvested, or where they are implanted.

FUE, follicular unit extraction, allows for a small, micro punch to remove individual hair grafts. This leaves behind only a very small space on the scalp which blends with the surrounding hair. Grafts are taken from the back and sides of the scalp where hair growth is most dense, and these hairs are also most resistant to DHT- the hormone linked with genetic hair loss and male pattern balding.

How Is It Done?

First, a patch at the back of the head will be trimmed or shaved very short. A close-cut barbering before your hair transplant procedure can help blend that patch in and make re-growing hair after the treatment appear more seamless. The donor grafts will be taken in a randomized pattern which means you should not see obvious grid or line patterns that are easier to spot with the naked eye. As well, the micro punch diameter is amount 1mm so once healed, this is typically a small white circle on the scalp which is undetectable unless peering closely under a magnifying glass.

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Post-Op Care Instructions

Because most people will not have observers investigating their scalp closely, it could be said that their transplant is scar less.

Any incision in the skin is likely to leave a scar, no matter how faint. Factors which can affect the visibility of scarring include tension on the area and sun exposure which may darken pigment. Other factors that can contribute to unfavorable results include infection and impaired healing, so it is very important to seek the expertise of a skilled hair transplant surgeon and follow post-op care instructions very carefully.

Though recovery from New Jersey FUE treatment is fast and easy, you should avoid swimming and bathing which submerges the head for at least the first week. Your surgeon will show you how to carefully wash and care for your new grafts and donor area as it heals. As well, smoking and some other medications can lead either to circulation impairment or excess bleeding so it’s important to talk about medications and any chemical exposure you may have to ensure the best possible results from your New Jersey FUE treatment.

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