Right Time for Hair Transplant

Is This The Right Time To Consider a Hair Transplant in New Jersey?

Hair Thinning, Shedding, or Baldness

Are You Experiencing Hair Thinning, Shedding, or Baldness?

If so, you’ve likely investigated for yourself whether the numerous hair loss products available, really achieve all they claim. Many people who choose to undergo a hair transplant in New Jersey have been down that road just like you, testing hair loss medications, topical products, “miracle” shampoos and even expensive hair pieces. At some point, the safe, effective and permanent results of a hair transplant surgery begin to stand out as a sound investment. If you’ve decided this natural, long-lasting solution for hair loss is right for you, how can you be sure that you, are right for it?

Here are a few ways that you can determine whether you are a good candidate for a New Jersey Hair Transplant:

1. Find out If You Have Enough Donor Hair for a Transplant.

The transfer of hair follicle grafts from one area of the scalp to another uses a person’s existing, real hair to spread out and fill in balding areas. There are limits to what can be achieved if you have lost a significant amount of hair already. Since the hairs at the back of the head and scalp tend to grow more densely and are resistant to DHT, this makes the best donor site in most cases.

2. Do You Have Androgenic Alopecia?

This is a genetic and hormone-related type of hair loss that is progressive, permanent and common among men. Although some women are affected by a form of this as well, in men, it follows a predictable horseshow pattern and leads to receding temples and balding at the crown. Depending on the degree of progression, a hair transplant is usually the ideal treatment for someone with mild to moderate male pattern baldness. Other types of alopecia include hair fall out due to medication or illness, malnutrition, auto immune disease or other causes. Check with your doctor if you have sudden, unexplained balding.

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3. Are You Prepared to Be Patient?

Unfortunately, though the promise of an instant, a full head of hair sounds enticing, it’s not realistic except with use of a hair piece. Hair restoration surgery can create dramatic changes with significant and permanent hair restoration, but it takes between 9 -12 months to see full results. Shortly after your procedure, you may even notice something called ‘shock loss’ as the follicles which were transplanted shed hairs and progress through another hair growth cycle. By 3-4 months, many patients will see small, soft growth coming in, but the thicker, younger hair you’re waiting for will only grow in as fast as hair possibly can.

If you feel that you may be a great candidate for a hair transplant in New Jersey, the next step is to schedule a consultation and talk about your goals with a qualified hair transplant surgeon. You may be surprised to learn what incredible transformation is possible for you!

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