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Why Are Men Excited About New Jersey Hair Transplants?

Androgenic Alopecia

Male Pattern Baldness Is A Common Problem For Up To 80% Of Men

Many people are aware that male pattern baldness is a common problem for up to 80% of men. New Jersey hair transplants are a popular choice for men between the ages of 30-60, however, they are a growing trend for women too. In men, characteristic signs of genetic hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, will often begin with classic hairline recession at the temples and balding at the crown of the head. Women will often experience hair loss along with hormonal shifts, and thinning is diffuse over the whole head or primarily at the crown.

As the name suggests, androgenic alopecia is related to hormones called androgens, that are present and important in both genders. Hair loss can be related to a number of factors, not all of which are permanent. As well, it’s important to see a medical professional for assessment if experiencing sudden hair loss because an underlying endocrine condition or tumors may elevate hormone levels. Women typically experience hormone shifts during pregnancy, with the introduction of certain medications and with the onset of menopause.

Shortened Hair Follicles Growth

For many women, the growth phase of hair follicles will be shortened with age and androgenic factors causing the normal hair growth cycle to speed up and hair to fall more quickly than the standard 100-200 hairs per day.

A change in our appearance that we have no control over can be devastating and especially for women, loss of one’s hair can have severe negative effects on one’s self esteem and confidence.

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FUE hair transplant technology

Fue Hair Transplant Technology Is Just As Effective For Women As It Is For Men

Follicular unit extraction is a virtually scar less, minimally invasive and permanent solution to replace hair follicles one-by-one in thinning or bald areas. It uses your real, growing hair, taken from areas of the scalp where growth is dense and resistant to shedding. Typically, the precise, hand-held device removes tiny, micro punch grafts from the back and sides of the head in a random pattern that cannot be detected once healed. Grafts are placed individually with an expert eye to mimic growth patterns and density of natural hair.

New Jersey hair transplants can be a hair restoration solution for women who have suffered permanent hair loss due to traction alopecia. This is a pattern of balding related to tight, damaging hairstyles such as braids and weaves. These hairstyles place constant tension on hair roots and if hair is pulled out regularly over time, it may not grow back. Women can experience receding hairlines as well when related to tight, damaging hair styles.

When you see a New Jersey hair transplant specialist for assessment, your personal hair loss will be evaluated, and your goals discussed. There are safe effective solutions for most women experiencing hair loss and results have never been more natural.

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