Men Choosing Hair Transplant In NJ

More Men are Choosing Hair Transplant In New Jersey

Hair Transplant Surgery to Restore Hair

Factors That Increased Hair Transplants in New Jersey

You may have noticed that it seems like more men today are choosing hair transplant surgery to restore their hair, than ever before. What factors have led to an increase in hair transplants in New Jersey? The following points outline a few of the benefits to recent innovations in this field.

More Celebrities Are Talking About Hair Transplant Surgery

Part of the reason we’re more aware of this hair restoration procedure today is that well-known men in the public eye have been willing to talk about hair loss and hair transplants. Celebrities who’ve had hair transplants just can’t avoid the close analysis and scrutiny that physical changes bring. Luckily, because the technology and techniques have improved so much in recent years, often the public commentary on celebrity hair transplant results is that they are so natural, they leave us guessing.

Many hair transplant results in the public eye today were achieved through the innovative and virtually scarless new FUE method.

Results Are Virtually Scarless

That brings us to the next top reason that more men are choosing hair transplants. FUE, or, follicular unit extraction, is a method that has actually been around for decades but only became fine-tuned and much more mainstream in recent years. The process involves a machine with a hand-held device that extracts tiny grafts containing hair follicles. Those are then transferred to the scalp recipient site. The punch extraction tool can be programmed to take punches less than 1mm in diameter, so the holes left at the donor site are so small, they need no stitches and don’t leave a noticeable scar. A virtually scarless result has drawn many interested clients to look into what a hair transplant in New Jersey can do for them. The traditional, strip method of hair transplant utilizes an extraction of scalp tissue, then dissection of the scalp, then placement of follicles.

High numbers of grafts could be placed this way however many felt the linear scar left at the back of the head was a drawback of the procedure.

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Hair Transplant Recovery & Results

Hair Transplant in New Jersey is Permanent, Effective and Recovery is Fast

More men, and women are choosing hair transplant in New Jersey as their hair restoration plan because it is permanent, effective and recovery is fast. Due to the individual extraction sites that FUE creates, there is no long incision at the back of the head to suture and heal. Patients have small reddish pin prick spots left at the donor site and at the recipient site where grafts are placed. These typically stay visible for just a few days until redness subsides.

Small scabs form and fall off after roughly 1 week. During that one-week period there are some activity restrictions that each patient must adhere to in order to see optimal results, however taking 5-10 days off is a common choice as many people like to relax at home or on a stress-free vacation while their scalp heals. The new hair grows in over the first 9-12 months and that hair is there to stay. It can be washed, brushed, cut or grown long. The donor hair is taken from DHT resistant areas which resist fallout, so the newly implanted hairs are a robust, permanent addition.

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