New Jersey FUE Cost

New Jersey FUE Cost: Is It Worth it?

Considering FUE in New Jersey

The Cost of the Procedure Is One of the Most Important Factors

Because everyone experiences hair loss and balding differently, the goals and pricing for various procedures vary somewhat. How can you determine the value and make a decision? It helps to understand what is involved and what your transplant needs will be.

What is FUE?

An abbreviation for follicular unit extraction, FUE is the most advanced method for hair transplant available today. Unlike older techniques, this device-assisted method does not require a long strip of the scalp to be excised and then dissected for grafts. In the past, FUT, or, strip transplant would inevitably leave a linear scar at the back of the head which could be an immediate giveaway that surgery took place.

The new approach allows practitioners to remove tiny, individual grafts one at a time, leaving virtually no trace. Is this new, improved procedure worth the financial investment? The points outlined below may help you find the answer you’ve been seeking.

Faster Recovery, Minimal Discomfort

Using only local anesthetic, a hairline or balding crown can be completely restored in one session. Patients leave the same day and return to most activities. There is no need to be put to sleep for your treatment as the scalp is kept comfortably numb while micro-incisions are made. These very small follicle extractions measure less than 1mm in diameter and close easily on their own within a few days. Micro-slits created at the recipient sites are just large enough to receive the small graft. There are no stitches, minimal swelling and no bandages required. Most people report minor sensitivity and itching during the initial days post-procedure but they can resume regular, non-strenuous activity right away. Few dramatically transformative procedures allow the patient to walk out of the clinic and get back to life so fast.

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Non-Surgical Methods to Restore Hair Growth

Stop Wasting Money on Treatments That Don’t Work

If you’ve spent a small fortune on specialized hair loss shampoos, serums, medications or supplements, you’re not alone. Most people who experience the genetic hair loss known as male pattern baldness, try all manner of non-surgical methods to stop fallout and restore hair growth. Unfortunately, miracle potions are not only ineffective against hereditary hair thinning, but they can be very pricey. The cost of FUE in New Jersey is a one-time financial investment that delivers measurable, effective, long-term results. Expensive products that must be purchased and applied regularly will continue to cost you and deliver very little.

Restored Confidence Is Invaluable

New Jersey FUE cost includes the pretreatment assessment, the transplant of follicle grafts, qualified, professional care and follow up treatments or care as needed. Absent from the quote but extremely important is the value of a career boost, refreshed romantic life, increased options for personal style and feeling better about yourself each time you look in the mirror. Hair transplant patients report life-changing confidence increases after treatment that are sometimes surprising.

What would changing your life for the better be worth to you? For a growing number of people, no longer worrying about hiding baldness, wasting money on treatments or looking older than they are, is worth the one-time fee for permanent hair restoration.

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