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Female Hair Loss

But, are women getting involved now as well?

The popularity of today’s latest New Jersey FUE treatments means more men than ever are experiencing the life-changing transformations that come with a restored head of hair. If you’re among the many people who don’t realize that women suffer from hair loss too, listen to this.

Women experience the same genetic hair loss that we call, male pattern baldness. Known medically as androgenic alopecia, sensitivity to the hormone DHT makes a person prone to hair thinning and balding. It affects females too, but not in the numbers that it does males. Up to 50% of women report hair loss in their lifetime- especially after menopause. A significant shift in hormones during pregnancy and during menopause can trigger noticeable hair thinning. For women, the pattern of hair loss due to DHT presents differently than in males. Instead of a horseshoe pattern with receding temples and balding at the crown, women tend to experience diffuse hair thinning over the whole head and will notice that their hair part widens first.

A woman’s hairline can also elevate during menopause, as much as an inch.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Another unexpected link to hair loss for some women is facial cosmetic surgery. The incision placement and skin tension related to face lifts and brow lifts can lead to hair fallout at the hairline. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In New Jersey, FUE treatment is sought by women and men who have had facial cosmetic surgery to correct any unwanted hair loss effects.

For women, the FUE technique can be used to fill in trouble spots where hair growth is sparse or bald patches have developed due to hairstyles. Traction alopecia is the term used to describe hair loss due to consistent pulling and tension on hair follicles, often seen in people who wear hair extensions, tight weaves and braids. FUE has advanced to be a simple and very effective solution for this problem- restoring permanent, growing hair follicles to their rightful place.

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FUT/FUE Hair Transplant

Women tend to make great candidates for New Jersey FUE hair transplants.

A woman may benefit from traditional FUT strip hair transplant surgery if a large number of hair grafts are to be placed over the entire crown. This can create significant density improvements and totally change someone’s look. As well, multiple sessions can be performed to gradually build on a result that sees hairline and crown fullness restored.

Women tend to make great candidates for New Jersey FUE hair transplants. They will usually have full hair density at the back and sides of the head when they arrive for consultation. This means their hair transplant surgeon can plan to take healthy, growing hair follicles from a dense donor area where they will not be missed, and will leave virtually no trace of surgery. FUE leaves nearly invisible scars compared with FUE, however women tend to have the added benefit of scar camouflage due to longer hairstyles so if scalp excision is required, it will not be easily detected.

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