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Unnatural Hairline

If Hair Transplant Appears Obvious, The Reason Is Hairline

Most people who research hair transplant in New Jersey have seen both good and bad results. When viewing less desirable results from a hair transplant procedure, it’s often difficult to pinpoint what you see that looks unnatural or what exactly went wrong.

What makes a hairline appear natural?

We’ve all seen celebrities and others in the public eye who’ve regained their thick, lustrous hair seemingly overnight, yet it’s not readily obvious if they’ve had a hair transplant. The truth is, most of us probably don’t spend time analyzing what we see in a person’s natural hairline, and we may not have looked at our own very closely before it started to recede. We sure do know if it looks awkward or fake though. A hairline isn’t arranged the same way as the rest of the hair on our heads. The hairs are naturally less dense, and the shape of the edge is variated – not a straight line.

Why don’t all hairlines look better today?

Modern hair transplant techniques have brought us FUE, (follicular unit extraction) and robotic methods which allow for faster and virtually scar less hair graft extraction. Whether using FUT or FUE methods, hairs are extracted through dissection of a donor scalp strip, or automated micro punch graft removal. Once grafts have been collected, they must be carefully implanted into the recipient areas of the scalp at the crown or hairline. The survival rate of grafts has improved greatly in recent years, however, the implantation of grafts to the recipient area still remains dependant on the skilled and artistic eye of the hair transplant surgeon. As more and more clinics are offering hair transplants, not all have the skill to do it well.

Placement of each hair graft containing 1-3 hairs must be carefully planned and the sensibility of the surgeon to create a shape that compliments a patient’s face is a key factor for great results.

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Multi-Hair Grafts

Realistic Hairline Is An Artistic Process

Another reason that hairline results can be less than ideal, even with modern New Jersey hair transplant advances, is that multi-hair grafts are still commonly used to save time and money. A multi hair graft is a small plug of tissue which contains more than one hair. These are helpful for filling in many spaces on the scalp but less so where they are most visible at the hair line. A natural hairline has single hairs which become gradually more sparse and create a soft transition. Experienced hair transplant clinics know that creating a realistic hairline is an artistic process.

The discussion of hairline creating is a key one to have with your surgeon when planning your New Jersey hair transplant. Not every face should be framed the same way and factors such as your hair color and density, your age, your facial features and your aesthetic goals should all be discussed. In order to avoid the “pluggy” look of an obvious hairline transplant, talk to your surgeon about creating a unique hairline and taking extra time to place individual hairs at an angle which works with your planned hairstyle and desired look.

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