Hair Transplant Myths

New Jersey Hair Transplant Myths You Might Believe

Myths About Hair Restoration Surgery

Busting a Few Common False Beliefs About Hair Transplant Surgery

A growing number of people undergo hair transplant in New Jersey each day, and most of them will have researched options and available surgeons before choosing the best fit for them. It is common for people to read anecdotal stories and shared experiences online, however the accuracy and reliability of online information is not regulated. So, is it possible that you could fall prey to many of the common myths about hair restoration surgery while you try to learn more? Yes! That’s why we want to bust a few common false beliefs about hair transplant surgery today, so that you are armed with the facts to take your next steps.

1. Permanent Results

This cosmetic procedure is often promoted as, “permanent” but there is more to the picture than you think. While it is true that most transplanted hairs will stay and thrive where they are grafted, 2 factors can affect the longevity of your results. One is that androgenic alopecia is progressive. This is commonly known as male pattern baldness. Each person experiences genetic hair loss differently and your balding areas may expand over time, meaning the grafted hairs stay, but more hairs are lost around them. As well, though a single procedure could produce dramatic results that look great for decades, the younger you are when you have it, the more likely that some hair will naturally be lost over time and need a refresher treatment. Modern FUE hair transplant techniques yield an over 90% success/take rate and produce the longest-lasting results possible.

2. Instant Results

The idea that results are instant after a hair transplant could leave many people frustrated. Few transformative procedures offer instant change, and this is no exception. While the treatment is often done in one day, the process of healing and waiting for the hair’s natural cycles to progress, lasts many months. The actual recovery time will vary between people depending on the number of grafts and method of procedure. It’s safe to assume you will need a week or two away from your daily work because though you won’t be physically impaired, you’ll need to stay out of the sun, avoid strenuous activities, refrain from swimming and other infection risks. Many people like to cover their head with a soft hat in the early stages to hide the graft sites. Though hair growth may be seen as early as 3-4 months after, the full results won’t be appreciated until 9-12 months after a New Jersey hair transplant.

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3. Perfect for Everyone

The idea that a hair loss procedure is the best option for everyone experiencing hair loss is false and misleading. Some people are too young to consider implanting hairs in thinning areas because the progression of their shedding will continue unpredictably and compromise results. Some people have medical issues that could negatively affect healing, and some have a type of baldness unrelated to androgenic alopecia, but malnutrition, stress, medication or other causes instead. Because hair transplant surgery in New Jersey utilizes a person’s own, growing hairs to fill in the sparse areas, a sufficient amount of donor hair is necessary and some late stages of balding leave a person without enough density anywhere. If you’re considering surgical hair restoration and want to know if you’re a good candidate, the best way to find out is to book an in-person consultation with a qualified hair loss specialist.

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