New Jersey Hair Transplant: What is HARRTS?

HARRTS is the first robotic device for hair transplant in New Jersey that you can talk with

What is HARRTS

Hair transplant surgery in New Jersey is continually evolving

The capabilities for higher graft yields and success rates, faster recovery times and natural-looking results are impressive. Today one of the most exciting developments is the new robotic technology that takes the procedure to another level.

You’ve heard of FUE, but have you heard of HARRTS?

Short for Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System, it’s advanced technology designed to change how transplants around the world are done. Imagine a smart system that analyses and stores data while eliminating the room for human error. Fast, precise and exceptionally safe implementation delivers better results.

Choose robotic technology for your hair transplant in New Jersey

The HARRTS Mini follows a cloud data storage system and uses machine talk technology. Compared with standard FUE machines, HARRTS features multiple upgrades to streamline user and patient experience:

  • Two sets of automatic extractors, allowing two surgeons to operate simultaneously.
  • Graft preservation using a cold bio-fluid storage canister
  • Meticulous depth control with ‘safety punch’ technology
  • The first self-engaging implanters in the world
  • Machine talk technology and cloud communication
  • Monitors and emergency equipment
  • Touch screen interface and human-machine interface
  • The hand-piece is ergonomically designed and built for speed

HARRTS is the first ever robotic implanter which can insert follicular grafts with or without incision slits. Implantation time is reduced by half, and some of the more common problems are significantly reduced.

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How does HARRTS compare to older, computerized FUE Systems?

This device is from the top robotic tech organization in India, i-Brain, a leader in advanced AI systems and medical devices

They’ve created a system that is both less invasive and faster. One of the common concerns any hair transplant patient has is recovery time.
Traditional FUE devices don’t measure up to HARRTS in a few ways:

  • Older computerized transplant devices still necessitate hand made slit incisions
  • The irregular depth management can lead to buried grafts
  • Vacuum assistance for FUE can dry out the delicate grafts
  • Handling grafts and pressurized air can damage them
  • Variability of extraction punch depths and implant incision depths

HARRTS is the first robotic device for hair transplant in New Jersey that you can talk with. Its artificial intelligence is impressive, but its ability to score and extract grafts in a single step is also incredibly advanced. One of the challenges in hair restoration surgery has always been the time involved. The precise work of graft extraction and implantation takes many long hours, and this drives the difficulty and costs higher.

HARRTS is changing the picture with streamlined use. The fatigue surgeons experience during typical procedures can be greatly minimized, and the patient receives their full head of hair faster, with less downtime.

The Android data management system allows surgeons to enter, access, edit and store patient data from anywhere. Adding to its ease of use, the system comes with consultation and consent forms, operative reports, pre and post procedure documentation and more.

With HARRTS™ patients don’t need to worry about scalpels, staples or visible scars, and because incision depth is carefully controlled, the room for error and trauma is reduced. Treatment that takes only half the time means less discomfort and greater ease of scheduling. The recovery is typically faster as well. Depending on your individual procedure details, you can resume most regular activities within a few days.

If you’re considering a hair restoration procedure, contact Nova Medical hair transplant Clinic. We’re pleased to provide the world’s leading robotic equipment and the best possible results.

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