NY Hair Transplant Facts

New York Hair Transplant Facts – What Is Hair Loss Like For Women?

Not Just For Men

Have you heard that hair transplants in New York are not just for men?

It’s true that the majority of Nova Medical Hair Transplant patients tend to be men experiencing male pattern baldness, otherwise known as androgenic alopecia, however, women can be affected by this condition too and research suggests that up to 50% of them will have hair loss due to this condition in their lifetime. Women’s hair loss can be temporary or progressive, depending on the cause. It’s important to find out what the reason is behind the thinning hair, because causes like thyroid disease need medical attention. Many women who experience hair loss begin to see the changes during a significant hormone shift such as pregnancy or menopause.

Luckily, hair lost during pregnancy will typically grow back, as will hair that sheds after a stressful period or poor nutrition, as soon as health is restored.

Genetic Androgenic Alopecia

If a woman knows that female hair loss runs in her family, she is more likely to experience genetic androgenic alopecia. The positive news is that for women, the hairline rarely recedes, and complete bald patches don’t form. Rather, the hair sheds and thins in a diffuse manner and the part in the center of the crown may widen. This makes many women excellent candidates for a hair transplant because they will keep the transplanted hair and it will blend with their existing hair. Without a moving hairline to target, the hair transplant surgeon can concentrate on filling in density within the existing hair boundaries.

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Male Hair Transplants NJ

For men in NJ, hair transplants usually restore specific areas at the temples, hairline and crown.

The donor hair is taken from the sides and back of their head and grafted into the problem spots in high density. For a woman, because hair loss is more widespread across the scalp, a greater number of grafts may be needed and assuming that she doesn’t want to shave her head, working around longer hair will make a full head restoration a lengthy procedure. Nonetheless, results can be dramatic, as dense hair at the base and sides of the head provide a large number of grafts for the top where they are most easily seen.

The other leading reason for women to seek a NJ hair transplant is traction alopecia. Women are more likely to wear their hair in tight braids or weaves which can pull out hair and inhibit its regrowth over years. A receding hairline caused by traction alopecia can be treated very successfully with today’s modern NJ hair transplant techniques, including FUE ( follicular unit extraction).

We welcome you to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant clinic and talk about your concerns and options today. If you are a woman who has believed that a hair transplant isn’t for you, let us surprise and encourage you with options to get you your confidence back.

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