Affecting Your Sex Life

New York Hair Transplant Recovery Guidelines – Why They May Affect Your Sex Life

Desired Boost

Sex after a hair transplant may not be something you’ve thought of.

It may have been a desired boost to your self esteem and sex appeal that led you to undergo a New York hair transplant. For many people, restoring full, thicker hair makes them feel better and look younger which can be a boost for relationship pursuits and confidence in general. Sex after a hair transplant may not be something you’ve thought of, but its worth thinking about so that you have realistic plans and expectations in place before your procedure.

Most hair transplant surgeons will provide detailed instructions designed to ensure a great recovery, so they will tell you about activities to avoid after the procedure such as strenuous exercise, swimming, saunas and direct contact to the scalp. Even though a New York hair transplant today is minimally invasive, and patients stay wide awake for the procedure, it’s still a surgery, so post operation guidelines demand that you avoid raising the heart rate and participating in cardio-type exercise for a short time afterward. This includes sexual activity, but many people don’t think of that

Why does it matter when you have sex after a New York hair transplant?

During the procedure, donor hair grafts containing scalp tissue and hair follicles are transplanted from the back of the head, to precisely incised recipient sites in the bald areas. During increased physical activity, the heart beats faster and blood pressure rises. The force of blood pumping through each, tiny vessel increases, which can increase the risk of bleeding at recent surgical sites. As well, though a minor amount of temporary swelling is expected after hair transplant, exercise increases swelling and may prolong your symptoms.

Increased pressure and swelling in the highly vascularized scalp could even cause the grafted hair plugs to pop out.

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No touching!

Don’t worry, within a week this will be less of a concern.

Direct contact to the head and scalp can certainly happen in the throes of passion and it would be nearly impossible to ensure no direct contact to the hair transplant site during sex. It’s best to avoid sexual activity and workouts in general for at least 10 days after your procedure. Your hair transplant surgeon will advise you based on your individual situation.

Light physical activity, on the other hand is not only OK, but encouraged after most cosmetic surgery. You will certainly feel fine to walk around and go about most of your daily activities. Ask your surgeon when you can expect to safely get back to all your favorite exercise, but in the meantime, rest assured that when your hair is growing strong and results come in, you’ll be happy you did a great job of caring for your hair transplant while you healed.

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