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NJ PRP Hair Treatment is The Perfect Addition to Your Transplant

Preserving Hair Transplant Surgery Results

Boosting Transplant Results and Ensuring Healthy, Strong Hair Growth

After hair transplant surgery, many people ask, “do I need to take hair loss medication to preserve my results?” The use of a popular prescription such as Propecia, is frequently continued post-procedure for those who feel they’ve had good results with it. For other people, however, medications can not only deliver disappointing results, but carry fairly serious risk of adverse effects. These prompt them to seek alternatives like PRP hair treatment in NJ, for boosting transplant results and ensuring healthy, strong hair growth.

What exactly is PRP?

This powerful non-surgical scalp treatment is somewhat new to the hair restoration world, but not new to medicine. Since 1987, it’s been utilized in areas ranging from surgery to joint and bone regeneration. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it comes from the patient’s own blood. An autologous procedure uses material taken from the patient themselves, and because PRP is carried out this way, there is virtually no risk of infection, allergic reaction or rejection of the substance by the body.

Using a centrifuge, a small amount of blood drawn from the arm of a patient is spun to separate it into its primary components. Removal of red blood cells and most white cells leaves a straw-colored serum containing concentrated platelets. These are the body’s natural healers and growth agents. When injured, your blood delivers growth factors by way of platelets to treat inflammation, repair connective tissue, skin cells, blood vessels and more.

Administered at the site of an injury, PRP can boost healing and regeneration of damaged tissue- rapidly. When injected in the scalp, the hair roots receive a nourishing blast of growth stimulation for increased fullness, density and rapid hair growth.

NJ PRP Hair Treatment Is the Perfect Compliment to a Hair Transplant

Your hair transplant procedure is a financial and time investment that you hope will pay off in transformative, significant results. When the surgeon carefully transfers individual hair follicle grafts to balding areas, many factors affect the take rate and likelihood that the hair will grow where it is placed.

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Hair Follicle Grafts Transfers Factors

The Average Take Rate for FUE Hair Transplants Is 90%

Meticulous, safe handling of the grafts during your procedure is important. The micro-plugs contain entire follicles and a small amount of support tissue which will be implanted into the recipient site. Once there, the tissue surrounding grafts depends upon blood supply, oxygen, nutrients and growth factors. In a healthy individual, the blood naturally delivers these materials for gradual healing.

The average take rate for FUE hair transplants is 90%. With NJ PRP hair treatment delivering 5 times the normal number of platelets, directly to the base of each follicle, graft survival can be dramatically improved, and the time required to see visible growth, reduced.

Treatments are often delivered 1-2 months apart, for an average of 3-4 sessions. After that, you can maintain your thicker, stronger and healthier hair with just two treatments per year.

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