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Have you heard of the latest craze taking the medical esthetics world by storm? PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and its restorative powers are being unlocked in everything from facials to hair growth treatments. Though relatively new to the beauty world, PRP has been utilized by the medical community for a variety of treatments in the last 20 years. Why does it work so well and how can PRP in NJ help restore your hair? Read on to find out more.

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

This non-surgical hair growth method is often combined with today’s advanced, hair transplant surgeries. The science behind it involves targeting the newly grafted hair follicles with a boost of cell growth and healing factors, so the delicate follicles grow strong and fast. The graft success rate using advanced FUE transplant methods is over 90% for most clients, and with the addition of PRP. Hair follicle growth can be more robust, with a greater number of transplanted grafts taking hold and thriving where they’re placed.

How Is the Treatment Done?

Our blood is comprised of platelets, white cells and red blood cells suspended in a yellow-ish clear plasma serum. PRP serum is created by removing red and most white cells from of the blood. This leaves behind the healing, regenerating growth factors in a potent liquid. A small amount of the patient’s own blood-30-60 ml- is drawn and separated into its components using a centrifuge, then added to syringes for application to the scalp. Topical numbing agents keep the patient completely comfortable as fine needles direct the serum to the hair roots. With no incisions and no down time, this treatment is effective but easy and trouble free. There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction because of the autologous nature of using one’s own blood. Treatments can be done 1-2 months apart for the first 3-4 sessions, then follow up sessions are recommended twice per year to maintain optimal results.

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PRP – Top New Jersey Hair Transplant Trend

Not All Effective and Permanent Hair Restoration Options are Surgical

PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, is increasingly requested among those with thinning or balding hair. This medical technology has been trusted for decades in sports medicine, pain management and other non-cosmetic areas, but today its ability to boost cell health and growth wherever it is placed has become prized in hair restoration. A small amount of the patient’s own blood is extracted then separated into its components with a centrifuge. The plasma containing powerful platelet growth factors is injected at the base of hair follicles with a fine needle.

Scalp microneedling is also an option, with a thin layer of the product applied on top where it can be drawn in to do its work. This treatment is typically performed 3-4 times initially, then maintained once or twice per year. PRP works well alone or as a complimentary therapy during and after hair transplant surgery.

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