What Is New Jersey PRP for Hair Loss?

Treatments for hair loss tend to fall into two primary categories: surgical and non-surgical.

Up until now, the non-surgical options not only resulted in temporary improvements, they sometimes result in no benefits at all. In New Jersey, hair loss PRP is an exciting, new treatment option that bends the usual rules and offers measurable benefits that really last. It’s non-surgical and only minimally invasive. Read on to find out why this may be part of your long-term plan to lasting hair growth results.

Short for platelet-rich plasma, this medical treatment has been utilized and well-researched in medicine for decades. It helps to rapidly heal and regenerate tissue in relation to sports injuries, surgery, arthritis and more. In recent years, the cosmetic industry became aware of this products power to transform skin and repair a damaged complexion. Gaming popularity for injection facials, it also caught the attention of hair loss surgeons who wanted a surgery-free option to heal hair grafts quicky and super-charge follicle growth. It turns out, PRP can be an effective treatment for either hair transplant patients of those who have not and don’t want a hair transplant procedure.

The therapy involves injecting your own, nutrient-dense blood serum containing a concentrated amount of platelets. Applied directly at the root of hair follicles, the plasma accelerates healing, stimulates hair growth and reignites dormant follicles which have slowed or stopped producing hair. If an area has completely lost active follicles, then PRP will not bring hair back, but wherever existing hairs are, no matter how thin, PRP can revive and reinvigorate them.

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PRP for Hair Loss: With or Without A New Jersey Hair Transplant?

A comfortable, in-office procedure that requires between 30-60 minutes is all it takes to create the specialized growth serum and administer it to the scalp. 20-40 ml of blood is drawn from the arm and spun in a centrifuge. It separates easily into its essential parts so plasma containing platelets alone can be easily transferred to syringes. This solution is full of concentrated growth factors and cytokines, responsible for healing and growing cells. The clear, yellowish serum is administered in a diffuse pattern, roughly 1 inch apart across the entire scalp or treatment area. These injections are extremely shallow and performed with a very fine needle,so this, combined with a topical numbing cream means that the process is pain-free.

This revolutionary treatment is still undergoing studies to determine long-range results. However, most patients have reported a 20-40% increase in visible hair growth as well as the thickness of hairs, density and hair pigment. Where there was minimal, fuzzy growth previously, robust hairs appear. Roughly 70% of those treated reported measurable results after one session, but three sessions spaced approximately one month apart are recommendedto see optimal benefits and to target the follicles at various stages of the hair growth cycle. In the long run, only 1-2 treatments will be required to maintain results which make these benefits more permanent than those from medications and many other products. As well, discontinuing PRP does not seem to result in hair fallout, though it may halt the accelerated growth.

We offer this procedure to our hair transplant patients and those who are not yet ready for surgery. It’s incredibly versatile, beneficial for both men and women, and patients of all ages. Whether you seek to jumpstart your new grafts or treat diffuse thinning throughout your hair, PRP is effective,and the results are very long lasting, making it a fabulous choice for virtually anyone.

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