How Does PRP for Hair Loss in New Jersey Work?

In New Jersey, PRP for hair loss is taking the cosmetic industry by storm.

First, this powerful, patient-derived treatment stole headlines for it’s dramatic “vampire facial” imagery in the early 2000s and since, medical aestheticians have found myriad ways to apply and inject it into the skin. But just what is this stuff and how can it rejuvenate the scalp? We’ve gathered the facts and what it really does for hair.

The letters; PRP stand for platelet-rich plasma. It’s a serum derived from a patient’s blood, formulated right there in the office while they wait. A relatively simple procedure, 20-40 ounces of blood are drawn then spun to separate the components. Because the blood will naturally separate into 3 primary layers in a centrifuge, the practitioner can draw up just the platelets and blood plasma into a syringe, leaving the white and red cells. What this provides is a highly concentrated mixture with 5x the typical platelet numbers. Why do we want to inject platelets into our tissues? Because they are naturally healing, restorative and full of growth-stimulating factors, that’s why.

When injected into joints, PRP has been relieving arthritis pain and improving mobility for a couple of decades now. Doctors use it to treat sports injuries and all manner of tissue damage. The reason it works is two-fold. The concentrated platelet stem cells do what they typically do at the site of an injury, but amplified. Usually, when you experience tissue damage, platelets rush to the scene,and various cytokines and growth factors act on a cascade of healing mechanisms triggering angiogenesis to regrow blood vessels and cell multiplication for new growth. Wounds are repaired through the inflammatory response that brings platelets to the area. However, what happens if you send 5xs as many, but there’s no specific injury? Well, decades of testing have found that blood vessel perfusion increases, cells are strengthened, tissue health is boosted with collagen and elastin, and when injected at the site of a hair follicle, hair grows.

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What Makes PRP So Popular?

In New Jersey, Hair loss PRP has been targeting the problem of thinning, sparse hair for some time now with impressive results. Test subjects have demonstrated that even dormant hair follicles settled into a non-productive stage can be revitalized and grow hair again. Existing hair becomes measurably thicker, darker and denser after the treatments. Various medical journals have published reports now measuring hair growth results between roughly 20-40% depending on the study, and variables such as number of sessions. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, we love more than one aspect of this potent scalp stimulator.

  • Men and women both benefit
  • it is autologous- meaning it comes from your own body,so there is minimal risk of complication and no allergy or disease concern
  • It’s non-surgical- for those who are not yet ready, or want an adjunct procedure to boost their transplant, this is effective and safe
  • It’s budget-friendly- though delivers real, visible results, the cost is far less than that of a hair transplant surgery
  • It is 100% natural, drug-free and easy
  • No downtime- after treatment, people return to their daily activity. There are no incisions, stitches or scars.

If you think PRP might be the solution you’re seeking, we’d love to hear from you. This treatment is suitable for a wide variety of candidates and works well alongside other hair growth options.

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