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PRP For Hair Loss Is The Best Kept Secret of NJ Surgeons

PRP For Hair Loss – Latest Medical Innovations

Astounding Advancements in the Field of Hair Transplant Surgery

The astounding advancements in the field of hair transplant surgery are creating a growing number of satisfied clients in NYC and NJ. PRP for hair loss is one of the latest medical innovations that offer patients safe, effective and non-surgical hair restoration, in addition to FUE and FUT transplants. Find out what hair specialists already know about platelet rich plasma injections, and why they’re revolutionizing the hair growth industry.

How Is PRP in NJ Used as a Hair Treatment?

When follicle grafts are transferred to a recipient scalp site, there are transferred along with a small amount of tissue. That hair follicle and supportive tissue requires nourishing blood supply to bring oxygen, growth factors and cell stimulation. Human blood contains platelets that deliver a variety of regeneration factors to the location of a tissue injury. When injected to an injured joint or bone, platelet stem cells trigger angiogenesis and specific cell duplication.

When injected at the site of newly implanted grafts, 5 times the normal number of platelets are able to target the root of the hair and establish healthy, rapid growth.

Here’s How the Procedure Works

The client’s scalp is first treated with topical anesthetic to numb the area and keep them comfortable throughout process. Next, a fine needle is used to inject the PRP serum just under the skin’s surface, to the root of hairs. In a uniform pattern, the treatment is carried out evenly across the entire thinning region. No after care or down time is required. On occasion, the scalp may feel slightly sensitive as numbing wears off, but patients are able to resume all regular activities as they normally would. It is recommended that NJ PRP hair treatments be administered 1-2 month apart, 3-4 times, then additional, maintenance treatments can be scheduled twice per year. It’s a simple as a quick, 30 minute minimally invasive treatment to keep hair growing thick and strong.

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Newly Transplanted Hair Natural Nourishment

The Higher the Take Rate and Better Ultimate Outcomes Will Be

New Jersey hair transplant surgeons know that the more supportive, natural nourishment you can give to newly transplanted hair, the higher the take rate and better ultimate outcomes will be. This is why they select healthy patients for surgery who are committed to caring for their grafts as they heal. It’s also why hair surgeons offer additional, supportive procedures such as PRP to ensure greatest return on investment.

PRP is an excellent non-surgical solution for those who do not need a hair transplant as well. Many men and women who simply want thicker, healthier hair and to stave off thinning, will choose this easy, 100% natural treatment instead of costly, dangerous or ineffective alternatives. Some young people inquire about hair transplant surgery as soon as they begin to notice hair fall, yet surgery is not advised for the very young because the progression of balding can be unpredictable and negatively affect results. Whether you are planning a transplant procedure, or you need a different option at this time, PRP in NJ is the hair treatment for you.

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