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Cures for Baldness in New Jersey

Hair Loss Is One of the Oldest Cosmetic Challenges to Plague Mankind

All through history, people have sought cures for baldness in the form of topical treatments, supplements, camouflage, and surgery. Thankfully, modern medicine and technology have combined to deliver effective surgical results for hair transplant patients. Not everyone is a good candidate for FUE or FUT transplant, however. In fact, not everyone wants a surgical solution which maintains medication options as best sellers. In New Jersey, PRP for hair loss is changing the game. Find out why this new approach is considered to be safer, more effective and a better investment than the other non-surgical options.

How Does PRP Compare with Medications?

Both oral and topical hair growth drugs come with side effects. Topical minoxidil ( Rogaine) can slow the progression of hair loss for some but is only rarely shown to grow hair. Unfortunately, the effects are temporary and dissipate when medication is discontinued. Oral finasteride, ( Propecia) has a moderate success rate for men but is contraindicated for women and carries serious side effects such as heart arrhythmia, impotence, and potential for congenital defects.

Many people are health conscious today and pay close attention to personal chemical exposure. Few treatments are completely natural, but PRP, ( platelet rich plasma) is 100% naturally derived from a patient’s blood. Unlike drugs, PRP has no risk of side effects or an allergic reaction because it is autologous. Your body readily recognizes it’s own, healing blood serum and this concentrated platelet plasma can target cell regeneration directly at the follicle, without systemic effects.

How Do We Know That Prp Works?

With decades of research and a successful track record of medical use, PRP is one of the most widely studied and applied healing agents in medicine today. Before it became popular for beauty treatment in the early 2000 ’s, heart and orthopedic surgeons, dentists, sports doctors and more were using this human-derived product to alleviate pain and inflammation while accelerating healing. Joint degeneration due to athletic strain or arthritis is reversed rapidly via PRP injected in the joint. Many famous athletes have been able to get back to the game faster and boost careers with the help of PRP.

Platelets are natural healers that rush to injuries carrying growth factors to regenerate and grow cells. They are responsible for angiogenesis, or, new blood vessel creation as well as clotting and all types of tissue growth. PRP serum contains five times normal blood levels of platelets, so it not only heals injuries faster but stimulates hair follicles to grow optimally, triggering or prolonging the anagen phase.

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PRP – Top New Jersey Hair Transplant Trend

Not All Effective and Permanent Hair Restoration Options are Surgical

PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, is increasingly requested among those with thinning or balding hair. This medical technology has been trusted for decades in sports medicine, pain management and other non-cosmetic areas, but today its ability to boost cell health and growth wherever it is placed has become prized in hair restoration. A small amount of the patient’s own blood is extracted then separated into its components with a centrifuge. The plasma containing powerful platelet growth factors is injected at the base of hair follicles with a fine needle.

Scalp microneedling is also an option, with a thin layer of the product applied on top where it can be drawn in to do its work. This treatment is typically performed 3-4 times initially, then maintained once or twice per year. PRP works well alone or as a complimentary therapy during and after hair transplant surgery.

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