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Should You Get PRP in New Jersey For Your Hair Loss?

Hair Growth Method in New Jersey

Buzz in the Cosmetic Beauty World About PRP

Ever since well-known celebrities took to social media showing off their vampire facials, there’s been a buzz in the cosmetic beauty world about PRP. These three letters stand for platelet-rich plasma, and many people don’t realize that it’s been around for decades as a well-established medical treatment. In New Jersey, PRP for hair loss is becoming quite popular, but not everyone understands the history of this hair growth method or how it can benefit them. If you’re wondering whether you should take the plunge and try it for yourself, read on for some need-to-know PRP facts.

When it comes to new treatments, especially those marketed as ‘miraculous,’ it’s reasonable to be somewhat cautious. PRP isn’t exactly new, however. In fact, its undergone extensive research, testing, and application since the 1980’s everywhere from heart surgery to arthritis treatment. As a powerful tissue regenerator, this serum is effective for healing ligaments and bone in joints, for use in dental surgery and to ease the pain. Surgeons, sports doctors, and dermatologists around the world apply the science of PRP in just about any application you can imagine. As a cure for hair loss in New Jersey, PRP is relatively new, but we predict it will be a go-to treatment for years to come.

What Exactly Does PRP Involve?

When you hear of a procedure that utilizes your own blood, you may be understandably nervous about how it’s carried out. For those who are squeamish, the worst part of the process will be drawing blood from the arm, just as you do when having lab tests done. A small amount of blood- roughly 20-40 cc- is drawn then spun in a centrifuge device. It quickly separates blood into its components of red cells, white cells and plasma containing platelets.

Numbing the patient’s scalp with topical anesthetic makes the process comfortable. Spaced roughly ½ inch apart, applications are directed right at the roots of the hair.

The serum used for injection has five time the number of platelets blood typically carries which means five times the healing power of your body’s natural cell regeneration. Platelets are blood components that rush to injury locations to stop bleeding. Their growth factors act as messengers to stimulate cell repair while creating new blood vessels and tissue structures. When injected at the root of hairs, it’s believed that PRP stimulates hair to grow, triggering or prolonging the anagen phase of the growth cycle.

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PRP – No Serious Health Risks

What Is the Downside Of PRP?

Unlike many medications, supplements or other hair regeneration treatments, PRP does not carry serious health risks because it is derived completely from a person’s own body. There is no risk of allergic reaction. Most people see increased growth and hair thickness soon after treatment, but it is recommended that you have 3-4 sessions one month apart to initiate consistent and dramatic results.

Those who have bleeding conditions or difficulty healing may not be suitable candidates for hair loss PRP in New Jersey. To learn whether this is the right approach for you, schedule an in-person consultation with a hair loss expert and learn more.

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