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Did you know that what you do after your hair transplant in NJ can be just as critical as selecting an expert surgeon? While the specialist you choose can create a natural hairline and beautiful results, they are counting on you to follow a few essential instructions when you get home. Some of these have to do with sleeping. The way you sleep following hair restoration can not only help preserve your grafts and let you heal more quickly but will ensure your comfort as well.

It’s normal to worry about damaging your grafts and scalp during sleep post-procedure. There are a few easy steps you can take to prepare your bed area and safeguard your scalp from damage. Rest assured that causing serious injury because of rolling over or bumping the headboard is not common. In most cases, the unfortunate result for you will be discomfort and a lousy sleep.

First- apply a folded quilt or pillows to the top end of your bed. A little extra cushion against your headboard helps ensure you won’t accidentally bonk your crown.

Next, elevate the entire head of the bed. You can place blocks under the bed feet or a lift under the top of the mattress. You can also raise your head and shoulders roughly 30-45 degrees with a stack of firm pillows, but lifting the whole mattress tends to provide firmer support.

Lastly, place pillows at either side of your head as well. You may rest on your side or back, but if your reclining on your back, try an airline pillow with regular pillows underneath, to offload pressure on the rear of your head.

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Why Should Your Head Be Elevated?

Don’t worry, the altered positioning is only recommended temporarily, for roughly 1-2 weeks. The reason is that scalp swelling responds to gravity. This sensitive and highly vascular area will be swollen for a few days post-op. You’ll be advised not to bend over or lay flat because elevated blood pressure to the head increases swelling. Along with that fluid retention comes increased pain too. In the early days, added pressure in tiny scalp blood vessels could cause bleeding and will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable, so keep your head up.

If you’re sent home with gauze or bandages on your head, these will likely be removed within the first 24 hours. Your surgeon does not want any constriction, added pressure and interference with lymphatic flow. While the tissue is swollen, any areas that are blocked with tight bandages or laying your head on one spot couldreduce the scalp’s venous drainage, and lead to swelling.

Trouble Sleeping After A Hair Transplant in NJ?

Your hair surgeon may prescribe medications to help you sleep. These can be sedatives, pain relievers, or even anti-itch medicine. Sometimes the sensation of itching or throbbing while you heal is amplified at night as you lay still. Itching is a normal and frustrating part of healing, but there are typical lotions and tablets taken orally that help relieve it.

Don’t hesitate to let your surgeon know if you have increasing discomfort or see something concerning. Feeling anxious can also negatively affect a person’s sleep. It’s always better to reach out and receive an answer so you can relax and get some rest.

If you have questions about a hair transplant, we welcome you to call Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic.

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