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The Cost of a Hair Transplant

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, one of the most frequent questions we receive is, what does a hair transplant cost? It’s no surprise that those researching the option of a hair transplant want and need to know the numbers. Today’s minimally invasive hair transplant surgery offers faster recovery and can produce more natural-looking results than ever before. However, advanced technology and results available today come with a cost. The price of any cosmetic surgery is high compared with temporary and less effective alternatives. Often, people will try topical medications, shampoos and supplements with variable effects before finally seeking a permanent hair restoration option.

The cost of hair transplant surgery is not always easy to predict without in-person, in depth consultation. Each patient is different, and their aesthetic goals will be as well. A few different factors determine costs between individuals.

Amount Of Hair

One way that you can get a good idea about your procedure pricing is considering the amount of hair you want to transplant. Procedures which transplant a higher number of grafts typically cost more because hair transplant surgeons often charge per graft. 3,000 grafts transferred will therefore cost more than 2,000. However, the cost per graft may lower as the overall numbers increase, for instance, with the addition of each 1,000 grafts. This economy of scale makes larger jobs as cost-effective as possible for the patient.

Hair transplant procedures which move more follicular units also take longer than smaller sessions therefore based on the time required, your surgeon may charge more. For example, a 7-hour session would cost more than a 4-hour session in most cases.

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Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE involves removal of individual grafts one by one with a specialized instrument or automated machine.

Because of the labour-intensive nature of the FUE process over the traditional, FUT or, strip method, the cost for FUE will tend to be higher. The amount of grafts desired by the patient will depend on the area to be covered but also their natural hair density and individual hair thickness. Those with fine, sparse hair would require more individual grafts to create the appearance of fuller, denser hair growth.

Many practices offer financing to help offset the hair transplant costs for their clients. It’s important to consider the skill and qualifications of your surgeon as well, rather than weigh only fees when you plan your hair transplant procedure. It’s often tempting to choose the best deal and the lowest cost, however those who are experienced, well trained and produce great results, are well worth the slightly higher prices they typically charge. Ask your surgeon to explain pricing and follow up care which it includes. Knowing what level of hair loss you have, how many grafts you are estimated to need, and how long your procedure will take, will all give you a good idea of costs you can expect.

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