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Medical Advancements

Hair loss affects men and women, at the rate of 70% and up to 50%, respectively.

Thankfully, today’s medical advancements mean that more of those who suffer progressive hair loss can access life-changing, permanent hair restoration. In NYC, hair transplants offer minimally invasive, virtually scar free solutions for hair thinning and balding.

The two leading methods used for today’s hair transplants are FUT and FUE. The first, also known as the strip method is the most widely used and still suitable for those who have advanced hair loss requiring high numbers of grafts in a single session. This method requires a strip of scalp to be surgically removed from the back of the head where hair growth is more robust, and after dissection under microscope, individual hair grafts are then implanted in the recipient area. FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant, and FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is fast becoming the more popular hair transplant option for both men and women. No long, linear scar is created as no strip of scalp is excised, but a hand-held punch tool is used to precisely extract the small plugs of tissue and follicle, one by one. From 0.5-1mm in diameter, micro-punch holes left in the donor area heal to be barely visible scars, well dispersed amongst the densest growth areas.

FUE has a high success rate and is extremely versatile – used to treat hairlines, bald spots, replace facial hair and cover scars.

What Are The Drawbacks?

It’s wise to weigh the pros and cons involved before undergoing any medical procedure. NYC hair transplants have revolutionized hair restoration for many people but not everyone is a good candidate and there are a few reasons why it may not be the right option for you.

One drawback for many can be hair transplant cost. Though the only safe and permanent method to restore hair, it also carries a high price tag. Topical solutions including shampoos and hair growth medications cost considerably less, though their effects are often temporary at best, and may carry side effects.

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Healthy Growing Hair

Another drawback is that unless a person has sufficient, healthy, growing hair to serve as a graft source, a hair transplant will not be effective for them.

If you’re unsure, meet in person with a hair transplant specialist to be carefully assessed and determine if today’s hair transplant technology can benefit you. Scarring is less of a concern than ever before, but hair transplant procedures still create scars. FUE transplant techniques allow the patient to wear short hairstyles because the donor sites leave only very small, round scars which are not typically easy to see.

Though recovery from New Jersey FUE treatment is fast and easy, you should avoid swimming and bathing which submerges the head for at least the first week. Your surgeon will show you how to carefully wash and care for your new grafts and donor area as it heals. As well, smoking and some other medications can lead either to circulation impairment or excess bleeding so it’s important to talk about medications and any chemical exposure you may have to ensure the best possible results from your New Jersey FUE treatment.

Infection is a risk with any surgical procedure, even minimally invasive ones. However, if a person carefully follows restrictions for bathing and exposure to bacteria after surgery, they can expect a problem-free recovery in most cases. Always choose a certified NYC hair transplant surgeon whose expertise and safety standards can be ensured.

If you’d like to learn more about your hair transplant options, we welcome you to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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