Today, male celebrities seem to transform the state of their hairlines overnight. When tabloid photos a few years apart are compared, icons like Elon Musk or David Beckham appear to have the superpower of reversing hair loss. There’s no magic to it really, just advanced FUE methods. Today, regular men and women who aren’t famous or wealthy can access the same incredible celebrity hair restorations.

There’s no doubt that a few notable people speaking publicly about their treatments have made hair transplants in New Jersey, more mainstream. We’ll look at a few of the most famous stars who’ve given us the impression they had a hair transplant.

New Jersey hair transplant inspiration- Do you recognize these men?

Jeremy Piven had a signature receding hairline and balding crown in the 90s, but it all came back for the hit TV series, Entourage. He has a fairly luscious head of hair now in his 50s.

Matthew McConaughey has maintained heartthrob status all through the 90s and 2000s, despite briefly showing signs of balding. His hairline has filled back in recently, and we suspect the natural-looking improvement is thanks to a hair transplant.

New Jersey men who are familiar with U2 may have taken note of Bono’s hair restoration. We couldn’t help noticing his greys are gone, and so is the thinning hairline he once had.

Wayne Rooney is a British athlete who famously confessed his hair transplant procedure to let his fans in on the secret. We’re glad he did because it helped innumerable people stir up the courage to book a hair transplant consultation and find out how easily they could restore their own hair.

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Lastly, Elon Musk sure has changed over the decades. Old photos of his severe balding have been replaced with a handsome, fuller head of hair. While we understand that abundant personal wealth makes plenty of things more accessible for him, regular people can afford hair transplants in New Jersey, too, thanks to medical financing.

Hair transplant costs

Your individual costs will vary depending on the number of grafts you need and the technique you choose, but many people no longer need to wait until they’ve saved enough before they can go ahead and make the aesthetic changes they’re dreaming of. With medical financing, cosmetic procedures are purchased slowly with smaller, monthly payments. It will take up to a year for your fuller, new hair to grow in and you’ll be able to slowly pay for your investment while you watch it grow.

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Every time a celebrity shares their hair transplant experience, the subject becomes a little less taboo, and people realize just how impressively natural the results can be. Choosing a reputable hair transplant clinic is essential, but you don’t need to break the bank to consider high-quality hair restoration.

To learn more about New Jersey hair transplants, contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant today.

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