Hair Transplant Myths

Top 5 NJ Hair Transplant Myths Busted

Hair Transplant Myths

It’s important to know that a lot of information shared is anecdotal.

If you’ve been researching solutions to your hair loss for any length of time, you’re sure to have come across some myths about hair transplant procedures. Everything from the process used to the results that are possible is debated in various forums and on websites. It’s important to know that a lot of information shared is anecdotal, and variables such as location, practitioner, patient and methods used will affect the outcome. In NJ, a hair transplant should come with a thorough, in person consultation to assess your needs and answer all your questions beforehand. If you want to have a clearer idea of what to expect and ask when you meet your surgeon, read on.

One myth we see circulating still, is that it’s best to have a hair transplant procedure while young- even in the 20s. While in many situations, prevention is the best cure, this is typically not the case regarding androgenic alopecia and hair transplants. Male pattern baldness tends to progress- whether fast or slow- and follow a pattern. Because each person is different, however, it can be very difficult to know if a person with hairline recession at 25 will be completely bald by 35. Undergoing a hair transplant to restore that hairline or one bald spot at the crown, could then leave the bald, 35-year old individual with only that transplanted hair remaining. Older patients tend to have an established pattern of hair loss and predictable remaining hair so that filling in the density and missing areas is likely to keep them happy with results for a long time.

Results Aren’t Instant

Another NJ hair transplant myth worth busting is that hair transplant results are instant. Yes, the procedure can be relatively quick and minimally invasive, and it’s an “awake” surgery that sends patients home the same day, but you will not have instant results. Due to the natural growth cycles of hair, you will wait until about 3 months after surgery to see subtle growth, and a full year or more to see your established, new head of hair. Nobody likes to wait, but if people understand that this is a natural part of the process before beginning, they will be less easily disappointed.

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FUE & FUSS/FUT Methods

Hair transplants look obvious – have you heard this one?

In NJ, hair transplant technology has come a long way since the pluggy look of transplants in the 1980’s. These days whether using FUE or FUSS/FUT methods, the placement of grafts in the recipient areas of the scalp are at the right angle, the right density and the right pattern to mimic natural hair growth. When you choose a skilled hair transplant surgeon you can expect very natural results.

Lastly, the notion that hair transplants are for men only is false. In North America, it’s estimated that up to half of all women will experience progressive hair loss in their lifetimes. Many experience this because of genetic, androgenic alopecia, or because of traction alopecia that creates bald spots due to constant tension on hairstyles. Women make excellent hair transplant candidates and the results are permanent.

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