Traction Alopecia

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Devastating Form Of Hair Loss

Problem For Men And Women Around The World

NYC hair transplant patients often seek help for hair loss caused by traction alopecia which is most often a result of hair styles like tight braids or the wearing of heavy weaves and extensions. Those with dreadlocks may also find bald patches that appear on the scalp surrounding locks and remain permanently over the years.

The issue of traction alopecia isn’t restricted to African American people, but due to the curly nature of African hair, sebum which naturally protects the hair, coats the hair shafts less efficiently and leaves strands prone to breakage. As well, tight braided or dreadlocked hairstyles are more commonly worn by African American people in the US.

The evidence of hair loss will typically appear first at the hairline and proceed to receding or bald patches. Celebrities such as Naomi Campbell have talked publicly about the damage and hair loss that years of tough hair styling have caused them.

Restoring Fullness And Density

If you suffer the frustrating and embarrassing condition of baldness related to hair tension, there is hope for you and the fullness and density of your hair can be restored. Today’s advances in NYC hair transplant technology mean that effective and permanent hair restoration can be achieved with minimal scarring or discomfort and very fast recovery times.

Whether hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia which is genetic and often referred to as male pattern hair loss, or due to traction alopecia, hair transplants are the only safe, long term solution.

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Here’s How It Works

The two most common types of hair transplants performed today are FUT and FUE methods. FUT is also called the strip method because it involves removal of a strip of scalp at the back of the head to dissect into individual hair grafts for implantation. This method is the previous standard and still used today in cases where a high number of grafts are desired and donor hair is limited.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and differs from FUT in that no incisions stitches or long scar are necessary. Instead, an automated device with a hand-held micro punch extracts follicles in groups of 1-3, leaving a small hole which closes within a day or two. These grafts are removed in a random pattern where the hair growth is thickest so that once healed, the extraction sites are virtually invisible.

Tiny microslits in the recipient area are created by the surgeon and hair grafts are carefully placed according to the natural growth pattern and direction of hair. The results from FUE hair transplant procedures can look flawlessly natural. Once healed, implanted hair blends effortlessly with surrounding hair and can be styled as usual. FUE hair transplant in NYC is an excellent solution for bald patches, facial hair unevenness, hairline restoration and even camouflaging FUT scars from previous hair transplant surgery.

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