Why Does PRP Work for Hair Loss Patients in NJ?

If you’ve been paying attention to advancements in the hair regrowth/transplant industry, you’ve likely heard of PRP for hair loss.

NJ doctors have been using this powerful, natural healing treatment for decades to heal sports injuries and assist with post-surgical tissue regeneration. It’s even a reliable arthritis solution; minimizing inflammation and restoring joints. Physicians and surgeons are now using PRP to improve complexions and stimulate hair growth. To determine whether this incredible treatment could be right for you, it helps to understand a bit more about the science behind it.

The name stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. The non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure takes only about 60 minutes, in -office. No general anesthetic or operating rooms are required, and patients can return immediately to their regular activities. Few other effective procedures boast no downtime, no pain and virtually no risks. Why is it so amazing?

It is 100% natural. It’s an autologous procedure with the injectable solution taken directly from the patient’s own body. A small amount of blood- usually 20-40 ml- is dawn from the arm, then spun in a centrifuge. The components of human blood easily separate into three distinct layers. The plasma and platelet layer is yellowish and densely-packed with healing platelet stem cells. These blood elements are naturally rich in growth factors and cytokines which trigger healing and tissue regrowth wherever they are placed. The normal process of tissue healing in our bodies sends platelets to the scene of an injury to clot bleeding and repair. When concentrated by 5xs or more in PRP, these healers have been found to accelerate tissue repair, angiogenesis and new cell growth. Applied directly to hair follicles, PRP can “wake up” dormant hair roots, speed up hair growth and increase blood flow to the follicles to encourage healthier, denser hair growth.

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Post-Hair Transplant Reinforcement

Study results have shown a range of encouraging benefits, including between 20-40% increase in hair growth and density at treatment sites, on average. PRP for hair loss in NJ is also useful as a post- hair transplant reinforcement. It helps to decrease inflammation, grow new blood vessels and encourage the hairs within grafts to start growing faster. Patients who combine the two therapies often report visible, measurable hair growth more quickly than patients who had a hair transplant alone.

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Many people are tired of medications that carry side effects, or hair growth formulas that promise results and deliver none. If you’ve begun to see more scalp than before, and you note an increase of hairs on your pillow, your hair can be protected and nourished with the healing properties you have in your own blood. PRP is a safe therapy for men and women of all ages. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we recommend three sessions initially, but many people see encouraging results after just one. This is the low-cost and low-risk way to revive your scalp and hair. We welcome you to call us and set up your appointment.

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