Cost of FUE in New Jersey

What Determines the Cost of FUE in New Jersey?

Advance Transplant Methods

Why FUE May Be Consider Your Best Investment

In recent years, the number of hair transplant procedures performed in the US has increased dramatically while the price has become more affordable. Cosmetic and restorative procedures are no longer reserved for the wealthy and famous. FUE in New Jersey costs more than older technologies, but its popularity is soaring. That’s because as transplant methods advance, the benefits increase. Learn why you may consider FUE to be your best investment as well.

New Jersey FUE Cost Factors

1. Who Carries out the Procedure?

As hair restoration surgery becomes more common, a wide variety of clinics and practitioners have gotten in the game, but they are not all qualified or experienced. Patients often see a drastic difference in pricing between clinics and geographic locations which may be due to the staff. FUE, short for follicular unit extraction, is surgical. Though it is minimally invasive and leaves virtually invisible scarring, a surgeon and certified medical staff are required. The many years of training and experience your specialist provide you with are valuable. Your hair transplant surgeon should be present and actively involved in your procedure, though it is common to employ the help of certified technicians and nurses as well. A 6-8-hour procedure requires compensating at least a few medical staff for their time.

2. What Equipment Is Required?

A well-stocked operating facility or hospital requires surgical supplies, sterilization, and pricey equipment. The devices utilized for FUE in New Jersey cost a substantial amount because they use advanced, precision technology to extract and implant micro-grafts without causing trauma to the scalp. A hair transplant client may undergo assessments, lab work and require medications. Patients do incur those costs, but the rapid recovery, lowered risk of complication and high take rate for this method are attractive.

3. Are There Hidden Fees?

Your surgeon should be completely transparent and clear with you when explaining all procedural and appointment costs. Some people fail to consider their own additional expense incurred when taking time off work or traveling to visit a renowned clinic. Though it can be well worth it, you should factor travel and accommodation into your overall FUE procedure budget.

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Hair Transplant Surgery Pricing Deals

A Point of Caution

Watch out for ‘too good to be true’ pricing deals when it comes to hair transplant surgery. Too often, cheap deals are offered to draw people in for a quick sale, but the key requirements of expertise and safety are not part of the deal. Your consultation is a good opportunity to ask about the clinic qualifications as well as plans for your assessment and care after the procedure.

A reputable, professional hair loss surgeon will ensure that you have great results in the long term because you are a reflection of their work. You can expect to pay a fee per graft that reflects high quality, comprehensive service, and natural results.

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