Is There An Ideal Time of Year To Plan A Hair Transplant In New Jersey?

For those living with hair loss in New Jersey, planning a hair transplant is a significant decision and will depend on many factors.

At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, we see patients transform their hair and their lives, throughout the year. Each person’s lifestyle and unique schedule help guide their choices. We can offer some tips related to the time of year and temperatures which might make things a little easier.

In this part of the world, we have beautiful, warm summers but icy cold winters too. Many people think of the sunniest months as an ideal time to make a cosmetic change to the body. That’s due in part to the prevalence of summer vacations. Often people take time away from work or school over the warmest months, and time off means time to recuperate from a surgical procedure as well.

If you’re planning a hair restoration during summer because of vacation time, we’d encourage you to consider whether you can take a vacation in the winter instead.

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Why Winter Might Be Better?

  • People often go on vacation during colder months. That means that if you’re a somewhat private person, you can disappear discretely for your hair transplant in New Jersey without raising any questions. Summer vacations allow this too, but people tend to be out and about, more social and more active on social media then,making it harder to stay low key.
  • It’s much easier to cover up when it’s cold out. You don’t have to wear a soft hat and hide your scalp after FUE. Your incisions will be healed within roughly one week,and you could then return to work.However, during that time and even for a week or two after, there may be tiny pink spots or slight scabbing, plus the recently buzzed short scalp area where grafts were taken. It’s much more inconspicuous to cover up with a soft winter hat, but wearing one isn’t comfy in the heat.
  • A winter getaway means you’re less likely to miss out on fun, family activities. All the things which usually fill up a summer vacation can be off limits while healing the procedure; including swimming, beach/ocean activities, sun tanning, strenuous sports, and more. A winter vacation will make it easier to avoid sun exposure on your scalp and take it easy while you recuperate.
  • It’s tricky to keep the scalp clean and protected for the first week or two. You won’t be able to shampoo normally at first. We’ll provide specialized solutions and dry shampoo. Keeping the head clean is essential and excessive sweat doesn’t help. Cold weather makes this aspect of healing less uncomfortable.

If you have questions about your personal needs and schedule, we’re happy to arrange a consultation with you and our hair transplant experts. We can advise you about the best approach and timing for your hair restoration.

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