FUE Hair Transplant Cost

What Will Your NJ FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

What Will My Procedure Cost?

True Value of NJ Fue Hair Restoration Procedure

One of the most important questions our clients ask is, ‘what will my procedure cost?’ Any truly transformative cosmetic procedure carries a high price tag but the true value and return on investment makes a NJ FUE hair restoration procedure priceless. The next question every hair transplant recipient wants to know is, ‘Will my result look natural?’

Fue Is the Most Popular Hair Loss Cure

Did you know that millions of people in the USA are affected by hair loss and balding each day? The options for treatment were once limited to strip method hair procedures that utilized surgical removal of a scalp segment in order to create grafts. In addition, large, obvious hair plugs placed in rows made transplant results appear anything but natural.

Many people have questions about what’s improved today. The answer is — everything! FUE is the most popular hair loss cure and well worth the cost.

Why Is Follicular Unit Extraction the Best Value for Your Money?

Follicular unit extraction is the latest in advanced hair regrowth methods. It utilizes a specialized hand-held punch tool, to remove a small section of scalp tissue surrounding an individual graft. The technique was created decades ago but not perfected until recently when the size of grafts was reduced to less than 1 mm in diameter. The micro-incisions created close quickly within a couple of days and leave virtually no trace. Compare this to the previously standard FUT/strip method which required a large piece of scalp to be excised and dissected. Gone are the days when surgical scars would give away your hair transplant secret. Now thousands of tiny grafts can be transferred from dense areas at the back of the scalp, to thinner zones with virtually no scars left behind.

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NJ FUE Cost Calculation

Whether You Have 500 or 5,000 Grafts Placed, You Will Likely Be Charged a Fee per Graft

$6-10 per graft is typical, though the location and experience of your hair loss specialist can affect the fees. Often, high volumes of follicles transplanted in one session will carry a reduced price per unit. Ask your surgeon about economy of volume during your consultation to plan optimally. When you meet with your surgeon for the first time, they should examine your scalp for density of hairs, as well as determine your rate, type and progression of hair loss.

Depending on your goals, the volume of follicles to transplant could vary. For instance, overall hair thinning, and hairline recession is typical for men who are middle aged and older. If subtle hairline filling and a mild increase to fullness on the crown is desired, this can be achieved with a lower amount of grafts. If dramatic coverage is needed or desired, a mega session and possibly additional, future treatments will be advised. The best part about NJ FUE is that you can customize this ground-breaking treatment to get exactly what you need from it. Your quote will always be personalized and customized for you.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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