Restore Your Confidence with Hair Transplant

Not everyone takes the reality of hair loss well. Some people readily accept that balding runs in the family, and they adjust to those changes when they come. Others feel incredibly self-conscious, less confident and even depressed because of unwanted hair thinning and balding. Having your appearance change in ways that you can’t control is a frustrating problem.

At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, we understand. A hair transplant in NYC might be the trick to restore your confidence. We’ll outline what this popular and permanent solution can do for you, your hair, your appearance and your spirit.

Why do people seek a hair transplant in NYC?

Malnutrition, extreme stress and illness can all contribute to the rapid shedding of hair, but the most common culprit is what’s known as male pattern balding. The term can be misleading because women experience it too. Understandably, for a woman with luxurious hair whose physical appearance is greatly influenced by her hairstyle, developing thin or bald areas will negatively affect her confidence.

Hereditary, progressive hair loss is known medically as androgenic alopecia. Up to 2/3 of men and almost half of all women are expected to see some degree of balding in their lifetime. Most of our clients for hair transplant in NYC have this condition, and the only way to permanently solve it is through a transplant procedure. Hair transplants have changed and improved dramatically in recent years so that today’s results don’t look like a “transplant.”

Modern techniques use individual hair grafts which don’t cause visible scars. The recovery is fast and convenient, so people can make these changes discretely.

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Most patients report improved confidence

While no cosmetic treatment can guarantee an improvement of life in general, or promise associated feelings, it’s true that many patients report feeling more confident after. Here’s why: our outward appearance sometimes looks older than we feel. Though pattern baldness doesn’t always link to age, there’s still a public misconception that balding people are less youthful.

With men and women staying in the workforce longer today, and dating in middle years or older, the appearance of youth, vitality and personal style carry more weight than they might have years ago. Today, it’s essential for many people to match their outside to the energy they feel on the inside. If you know you look great, you’ll walk into each meeting and personal encounter, not fixated on your appearance, but confident about who you are and what you offer.

If you want to find out how a hair transplant could boost your confidence, we welcome you to schedule a consultation. Our hair restoration experts will explain the options and customize a treatment plan to get your real, natural hair back. The transplanted follicles will be the same thickness, character and style as the rest of your hair- because it’s really yours. No other procedure offers such worry-free results. Contact us today to learn more.

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