FUE hair transplants in NJ

Depending on your age, the words, “hair transplant” may conjure undesirable images in your mind. Decades ago, results from this hair restoration surgery often appeared as synthetic rows of doll hair- not natural or realistic. With each passing year, the innovation in equipment and precision strategies for hair grafting have improved the whole process dramatically.

Now, FUE hair transplants in NJ are not only fast and a-traumatic, but the results can be so flawless that no one knows a procedure took place. So, how can you ensure you get one of those natural-looking hair transplants and avoid disappointment? We’ll tell you what to look for.

What factors go into a natural hair transplant in NJ?

Your result relies on multiple factors, including your own donor hair quality, the number of grafts transferred, the method and equipment used, and the hair transplant surgeon.

Beginning with the surgeon—have you chosen a licenced, qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon? Many people are tempted by low prices to undergo transplants in clinics with only technicians on site. Overseas, ‘medical tourism’ is notorious for promising expert hair transplants, yet delivering unqualified, unsafe care. Keep in mind when planning any cosmetic procedure, qualified, experienced medical professionals will not come bargain-cheap, nor should they. Choose the best to ensure results that look the way you hope.

How is your donor area?

Though some highly skilled NJ hair transplant surgeons are considered ‘miracle workers’ due to their skill, all surgeons are limited by the available donor hair their patients present with. If you have plentiful, dense hair growth at the back and sides of your head, a significant number of robust grafts can be extracted without leaving a trace. (Read: without causing a visible space.) If, however, you have advanced hair thinning or balding and very little hair left, or if your thinning is diffused equally through the scalp, it will be far more challenging to acquire enough donor hairs for a satisfying result. Hair transplantation is essentially redistribution, and you can only redistribute what you have.

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Before and after pictures matter

Another great reason to choose a top-of-the-line hair transplant surgeon is the above-mentioned talent required to redistribute hair carefully, combined with the ability to place hairs in a natural way. The process of harvesting and implanting hair follicles may sound straightforward, but the factors that separate a novice from an artist will usually appear in not-so-subtle ways at the hairline. What you want to see in photos of previous patients is that their hairlines have not been brought too far forward or too thick to be believable. There should not be a harsh line where dense hair growth stops abruptly. The hairline should not be a straight line either. Moreover, multiple hairs per graft should not be visible at the hairline.

Expert hair transplant surgeons plan an irregular, unique and realistic front edge for the hair. They transfer delicate, single hair grafts in this highly visible zone. The edge should blend and diffuse gradually. Depending on your age, the hairline should not be unnaturally full and ‘youthful’ either, because this look doesn’t age well. The angle, density and direction for placing donor hairs is an art form, therefore choose a surgeon who has a track record for doing this well.

If you have questions about hair transplantation or would like to schedule a consultation, we’d love to hear from you at the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic.

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