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Will My NJ FUE Be Permanent?

FUE – Revolutionizing Hair Loss Industry

Hair Transplant with Reduced Recovery Time and Minimal Scarring

There’s no doubt that today’s advanced hair transplant methods have revolutionized the hair loss industry and are changing lives. In NJ, FUE is rapidly becoming the most popular method for a hair transplant with reduced recovery time and minimal scarring. Often, the word, ‘permanent’ is used to refer to transplant results, but what exactly does it mean? Here we discuss what it means to consider whether hair transplant results are permanent.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, and it is the least invasive method of hair transplant available. Unlike FUT, or, strip methods utilized in the past, FUE does not leave a long scar at the back of the scalp. It does extract donor hairs from this same area, however, because they often prove resistant to DHT and shedding. Androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness. Though women also suffer with it in fewer numbers, men experience the signature pattern of baldness beginning with receding hairline and bald spot formation on the crown. Typically, even for severe cases of balding, a section remains at the back and sides of the head in a horseshoe pattern. These hairs make excellent donor grafts because they will stay where implanted. In this sense, the results are permanent.

Does Hair Appear Full and Thick Right Away?

After NJ FUE treatment, some people will be concerned to see that the implanted hairs fall out. Otherwise known as shock loss, this disturbing phenomenon is expected and does do not represent a problem. The hair contained in grafts may become dormant or shed, but the follicle itself will be busy establishing healthy new growth. Within a few months, new hairs can be seen growing at graft sites. Typically, full density shows between 9-12 months post procedure.

FUE in NJ is one of the most effective and long-lasting hair restoration methods available. While it is normal to lose a few hairs from time to time, one need not worry that all their hair will fall out if it was transplanted correctly through a reputable clinic. The transplanted hairs will grow continually just as they would have if left in the donor area.

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Grafted Follicles Are Permanent

Will, You Even Need Another Transplant?

Even though grafted follicles are permanent, you may want a second procedure sometime in your future. Reasons to add, or touch up your results could include having had the initial procedure at a young age, desiring significant areas of fill with too many grafts to transfer in one session, or simply revising results with a minor fill-in procedure.

Because hereditary balding progresses differently for everyone, it may not be possible to predict how quickly your hairline will change or whether you will continue to lose significant amounts of the native hair after your procedure. Having a secondary treatment allows a person to add more fullness and is not designed to repeat the entire procedure. You should expect decades of enjoyment from your FUE investment.

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