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Experienced, reputable hair loss clinic and a surgeon that you can trust – choose NJ FUE.

Why Choose New Jersey FUE?

When seeking a FUE hair transplant in New Jersey, choosing an experienced, reputable hair loss clinic and a surgeon that you can trust, begins with great research and knowing a few important things to look out for.

In a popular cosmetic surgery destination among celebrities such as New York or New Jersey, clinics offering all manner of esthetic services abound, and the options can be overwhelming.

The last place you want to trust to stop your hair loss, is a cosmetic spa that has added hair transplantation onto a long list of other, unrelated services they offer. Seeking out a specialized and focused practitioner is your first step to ensuring that you are dealing with qualified New Jersey hair loss specialists who stay at the forefront of medical advancements in the field.

Your chosen surgeon should have the experience that comes from treating many patients who are just like you, every day, and who have the time and attention for developing advanced skills in the field. Our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic uses only the most specialized technology available in the hair transplant industry and we carry only top-of-the-line products designed to compliment and care for your investment.

If you are like many people, you are looking for a one-time, fast but effective solution to stop hair loss. You don’t want to deal with the disappointment of lackluster results or failed grafts because of poor technique, poor equipment and a lack of experience from your technician. These days visible scarring is not a necessity with hair transplants and you should be assured of a flawlessly natural-looking, virtually scar-less result as well. Only the experts know how to deliver high-end results in a field that is saturated with lesser, sub-optimal hair loss surgery options.

Read on to find out our Hair Transplant Clinic rises to the top and is the one, specialized hair transplant treatment center in New Jersey that you should visit.

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New Jersey FUE

Celebrity Style

You take good care of your health, your career and have every reason to feel confident. But we all know that balding, especially at an early age, can make a man feel less attractive and detract from the image he wants to present. Why should your receding hairline or balding steal any part of your success. You are a Strong, confident man- and your hair can complete your celebrity style.

The latest medical advancements in hair transplant technology aren’t reserved for exclusive clients anymore. At New Jersey Hair Transplant , all of our valued clients feel like elite, unstoppable and empowered men that they respect.
Choosing to make this change for yourself means stepping into a class of men that take charge of their image and the message they send to the world. Confidence in your style says you know what you want and nothing is off limits to you.

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Are you a Candidate?

A-list celebrities are often known for their fabulous style and gorgeous hair. The truth is, Hollywood stars are regular people who experience hair thinning and baldness just like you. Their celebrity secret is that top of the line, discrete and natural-looking hair transplants can turn any man’s thinning hair into fuller, younger-looking locks. Now, you can have what they have- and why not? You deserve it.

Answer a few simple questions to see if you are a good candidate for FUE Hair Transplant.

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Personalized Hair Restoration

We offer complimentary and comprehensive consultations to provide you with all the information you need when planning this important transformation. Each client who walks through our doors has a unique concern and should be assessed and treated according to their personal needs. We don’t just offer a one-size-fits all solution for hair loss, nor do we recommend that each person we see choose a complete FUE hair transplant surgery to combat their hair loss. Though this is a powerfully transformative option and often the most reliable and dramatic hair restoration procedure, there are many individual factors to consider when deciding if this is the right time for a person to undergo a hair transplant.

An individual’s age, their gender, their pattern of hair loss and the cause for their hair loss are key pieces of information that a skilled and experienced hair loss specialist will need to properly evaluate before recommending a solution. If your surgeon does not spend time physically examining your scalp and assessing your existing hair, this is a red flag that they may not have the in-depth knowledge you want.

The size of the available donor area, (where hair grafts can be taken from) as well as the size of the thinning or bald area to be filled are also important when planning a realistic and satisfactory treatment plan for hair loss.

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Investment Value

The caring staff at our clinic will consider your desired budget and your expectations and goals so that we are on the same page, providing you with the options you want and the best value for your investment. We have multiple solutions to help restore hair growth and stop hair loss. When you’ve had a chance to consider these, your personalized, custom hair restoration package can be created and an exciting plan for transformation set in motion.

Our aim is to provide you all of the necessary information to understand your problem and choose the optimal treatment. Then, we love nothing more than helping to restore your confidence and ensure that you enjoy your improved appearance for a lifetime.

You will have your first opportunity to view our facility, see inspiring before and after images of previous patients and take advantage of the “NewLook Now” hair simulator tool to see for yourself what a restored hairline could do for your appearance.

When you come to see us for your in-person, private consultation, we’ll conclude your visit and assessment with a complete welcome package including personalized quote, available appointment times and advice about next steps. It is our pleasure to accommodate busy professionals and valued clients who travel to see us. We know that your time is valuable, and your privacy and comfort go hand in hand when you schedule treatment with our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic. We’ll have you in and out, always efficient, and always with elite service for each patient we see.

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Nova Medical's Dream Team

Dr. Adam Rubinstein

Dr. Adam Rubinstein


Dr. Phillip Craft

Dr. Phillip Craft


Dr. Martin Jugenburg

Dr. Martin Jugenburg


Dr. Michael Gartner

Dr. Michael Gartner


Dr. Michael Gartner - Rated #1 Cosmetic Surgeon in New Jersey

For hair restoration in NJ, Dr. Michael Gartner is a leading choice for excellence. Dr. Gartner is set apart as a double board certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon. While hair transplants may be offered through less qualified technicians, the high standard of a celebrity hair transplant comes from decades of detailed surgical experience and advanced education. Dr. Gartner is renowned among colleagues and clients worldwide as an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. He prides himself on being closely involved with all aspects of the patient’s journey, from in-depth, private consultation and strategic planning, to personalized treatment and consistent post-procedure care. His patients can anticipate a pleasant experience with a shorter period of time spent recuperating as a result of his approach to surgery, which is always modified to be as non-invasive as is practically feasible. The most advanced methods for hair restoration in New Jersey combine traditional, hands-on surgical care with the most cutting-edge robotic and digital technology available in the medical aesthetics sector. Patients of Dr. Gartner reap the benefits of his flexible methods, which are adapted to meet the specific requirements of each individual patient. Through the use of meticulous micrografts and artistic placement, it is possible to generate hair that does not appear to have been transplanted but rather completely natural.

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Hair Transplant Surgery

Why Are More NJ Men Turning To Hair Transplant Surgery?

Top 4 Myths About Hair Transplants

#1 Hair Transplant Clinic and Doctor in New Jersey

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Skilled Hair Transplant Surgeon

No matter how revolutionary the technology is, if your surgeon doesn’t have an eye for detail or the artistic ability to plan and create a natural hairline following realistic growth patterns and density, you could wind up looking as though you’ve had a hair transplant.

Most people are familiar with the “hair plug” appearance of unrealistic rows created through poorly executed hair transplants. There is no need for obvious hair implants or fake-looking hair transplant results. Todays micro-surgery technology allows for individual hairs to be placed according to the natural direction and pattern we see in native hairs on a person’s scalp. Well-planned and placed hair grafts should blend seamlessly with the original hair and when completely filling hairless areas, your hair restoration specialist will work with you to design and create the look that suits you and will appear as much like your natural head of hair as possible. Because the NeoGraft technology allows for hair implants to be placed through extremely tiny slits in the scalp, they heal within a few days and eventually disappear completely. No visible scarring and meticulous placement of micro-transplants mean that your created hairline will appear just as a natural one should, and no one but you will know that you’ve created it with help from your team of hair transplant specialists at our Nova Medical Hair Transplant New Jersey clinic.

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Qualified & Licensed Hair Transplant Team

It should go without saying that accredited surgical facilities and licensed health care providers who are highly trained in their field, provide the best, safest care. Patients at New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic are assured high quality and consistent safety and standards as well as consistent results. Our specialized team consists of registered nurses trained in the field of cosmetic surgery and medical support technicians with high safety standards and a warm, professional manner. Your plastic surgeon is an expert in the field of hair transplant technology with a keen eye for detail and focused consideration for longevity of beautiful results and patient satisfaction.

More About Us

We Love What We Do

We love what we do, and we do it very well. Each client is cared for with personal attention and support to assure them that their satisfaction, safety and comfort are our top priority. Furthermore, we understand that each donor hair is precious, so we aim above and beyond standard hair transplant care to support your planning, your recovery and your long-term maintenance of exceptional results.

Visit us for some celebrity pampering.

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FUE Hair Transplant Technology

Industry leading – simply the best

The new, NeoGraft FUE hair transplant system is faster, more efficient and effective and your best option for a virtually scarless, rapid recovery hair transplant. This incredible device was designed by top medical scientists, engineers and physicians in the field of hair restoration science. These experts knew that reducing scarring and time required in treatment and recovery would revolutionize the hair transplant world. And they were right! We see better results than ever before and we’re able to offer our clients fast, express hair transplant services with little to no concern for scarring. We only use the NeoGraft FUE hair transplant device because the machine has improved on even the other top hair transplant equipment currently on the market.

Find out if you are a prime candidate for our state-of-the-art hair transplant FUE at our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic.

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FUE New Jersey

FUE Advantages

It’s advantages include:

  • Specialized cooling and hydration systems to preserve and protect hair grafts in process.
  • A rapid rate of extraction to greatly reduce transplant time and thereby increase the survival rate of hair follicle implants.
  • The precision system allows for tiny, micro-punch hair follicle units which can contain as few as 1-2 hairs. These tiny graft donor sites measure less than 1 mm and heal to be nearly invisible.
  • The selection for donor follicles is randomized and will not leave a tell-tale grid pattern or other, obvious scarring.
  • The system is atraumatic, the most painless system yet which, along with topical numbing agents and anesthetic, allow for a fast, comfortable procedure and minimal downtime.
  • The take rate of viable, thriving hairs with the FUE advanced systems is at least 90% which is excellent and means that often, one rapid 5-6-hour treatment is sufficient to restore your hair dramatically and permanently.

State-of-the-art FUE

Scar-less Hair Restoration with results in less than 120days.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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#1 Hair Transplant Clinic and Doctor in New Jersey

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