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Need a painless, comfortable method of hair restoration? Our FUE technique is the gold standard in the business, since it produces excellent results in a totally painless and risk-free manner.

Benefits Of The Painless FUE Procedure

There are a lot of reasons why someone might experience dry or thinning hair. Some of the most common include:

In our New Jersey clinic, we use only the most advanced, non-invasive, and painless hair restoration techniques that are currently available on the market. These procedures offer a variety of advantages to our clients. The following are the many methods of administration of anesthetic medications that are associated with a painless hair transplant process:

Hair Transplants Don’t Require General Anesthesia

A hair transplant procedure does not involve the use of general anesthesia as one of the various types of anesthetics that are used throughout the process. General anesthesia induces a more profound level of sleep in the patient, but it also exposes them to a greater danger of experiencing catastrophic problems. In order to provide our patients with a safer and painless procedure we offer anesthesia options that are safe and completely controlled by the patient.

In hair transplantation, the anesthetic agent is administered to both the donor area, which is often located in the back of the head between the ears, and the area where the grafts will be transplanted. The donor area is where the hair will be removed from in order to make room for the new hair. Anesthesia has the function of preventing the body from reacting to painful stimuli like pressure and touch. The possibility of contracting an infection is reduced when using this anaesthetic as well which makes it a great option for patients in New Jersey.

Short Recovery Period

The FUE hair transplant procedure is the least intrusive, and it has a very short recovery time. Despite the fact that some patients may feel some redness, swelling, and discomfort of the donor and recipient sites following the treatment, these adverse effects are often moderate and typically disappear within a week of receiving treatment. Because of the local anesthetic that is administered during the treatment, there is no discomfort experienced by the patient at any point throughout the process. Our experts will provide our patients with pain medication to help them manage any sensitivity they may experience after surgery. It is strongly recommended that they delay their return to work for at least one week, giving the donor site sufficient time to recover.

In addition to this, the anesthesia that is administered during the process will only remain in your system for a few minutes after you have stopped receiving it, allowing you to return to your normal state of consciousness immediately following the hair transplant.

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Our Personalized Hair Restoration Method

Follicular unit extraction, often known as FUE, is widely considered to be the most effective and least painful technique of hair transplantation. It is a separate technique that includes extracting hair follicles from one region of the body, typically the sides and back of the head, and transplanting them to another portion of the scalp where there is either no hair or very little hair. The follicular unit extraction approach is also recommended by the majority of hair restoration specialists due to its higher rate of successful outcomes.

Pro-Nox Benefits

  • Safe- Used for decades and is considered to be safe, effective and reliable.
  • Patient-administered – Gives the patient the ability to address their pain and anxiety as needed throughout the treatment.
  • Quick Onset- Starts working immediately.
  • Wears Off Quickly- Effect wears off quickly and leaves the body in a few minutes.

Are You A FUE Hair Transplant Candidate?

There are some basic factors that make someone the perfect candidate for a FUE hair transplant procedure in New Jersey. Individuals who are having hair loss on the top of the head, near the front of the hair line, or in the crown, but who have healthy, thick hair in the back of the head are considered to be the ideal candidates for FUE hair transplants. If there is a greater quantity of donor hair in the back, then it will be possible to restore a higher level of hair density. Additionally, the FUE technique can be utilized for the restoration of hair on the body or face, and it can even be used to conceal unattractive scars that were caused by past unsuccessful attempts at hair restoration.

What Exactly Is A Painless Hair Transplant?

The term “painless hair transplantation” refers to a procedure in which the recipient does not experience any discomfort when the local anesthetic is injected using a needle. This is required in order to harvest and implant the hair follicles. When undergoing a hair transplant surgery, a local anesthetic is required both for the collection of the follicles and for the transplantation procedure itself. This local anesthesia is often administered via needle throughout the hair transplant procedure. Because they are so fine, the needles that are used for anesthesia cause relatively little damage to the patient’s skin and cause little discomfort.

Our Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System For Pain And Anxiety Relief During A Hair Transplant

The client-controlled, premium Pro-Nox gas distribution system provides a blend of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen. This self-administered pain management technique is the best in the industry because you are the only one who can judge your level of discomfort and anxiety throughout treatment. During treatment, you have control over how much of the non-addictive, non-invasive gas you receive. You will get the most comfortable experience possible thanks to this client-controlled system.

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Factors That Make The Hair Transplant Process Painless In NJ

Gently Harvesting Grafts

The extraction of follicular units is accomplished with the use of a micro motor and micro punch tips in this process. A sharp punch that is attached to a motorized instrument is typically utilized in the natural process of removing grafts from the surrounding donor tissue in order to complete the task of graft isolation. Because of this, the extraction process demands that the patient undergo local anesthetic which is considered to be completely painless for the patient.

Using The Right Equipment

At our clinic in New Jersey we utilize only the best FUE equipment available on the market. In addition to the anesthesia that will be given to the patient, another factor that will increase the level of comfort during a hair transplant is reducing the rotational speed of the punches and, more importantly, using punches that are made of surgical steel grade. Both of these factors will help the patient feel more at ease throughout the treatment.

The Hair Transplant Process

By utilizing Pro-Nox and a variety of other techniques, our specialists will make every effort to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the hair transplant procedure. When compared to other, more traditional procedures, the FUE hair transplant process is often regarded as being the most comfortable and pain-free procedure currently available on the market. Because of this, the FUE specialists who work at our clinic put the patient’s comfort at the heart of each and every procedure they carry out so that we can ensure the patient has a positive experience.

How Safe Is A FUE Hair Transplant In New Jersey?

The FUE hair transplant technique is extraordinarily risk-free and safe for patients in New Jersey. In order to do the least amount of harm to the hair follicles possible throughout the extraction and transplantation process, we use extreme caution. This precise process produces very little bleeding and has a significantly lower risk of complications compared to the “strip” method that was traditionally utilized. Additionally, there is less nerve damage, pain, and injury to major blood arteries as a result of this treatment.

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the potential risks and adverse consequences of FUE hair transplant surgery, just as it is with any other procedure. Our experts will evaluate the pattern of your hair loss, the hair density of your donor location, and the overall texture of your hair during the initial consultation that you have with us to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this treatment. As part of this evaluation, our experts will also provide an estimate of the number of grafts that we will be able to transfer. This is done to provide you with a comprehensive picture of the outcomes that you can anticipate as a direct result of the treatment.

Why Do People Choose A Painless Hair Transplant Approach?

The purpose of a hair transplant is to provide individuals who are experiencing hair loss or hair problems due to a variety of causes with healthy and natural hair in a manner that is both pleasant and makes use of modern medical techniques. In today’s society, male pattern baldness affects around fifty percent of all males over the age of fifty. Because of this, a hair transplant procedure is the kind of cosmetic surgery that men request more frequently than any other kind.

Hair loss can occur in women and men for a variety of reasons, including genetics, traumatic traumas, aging, and numerous medical disorders. A hair transplant can be performed for hair loss regardless of the cause, provided that enough hair follicles can be retrieved. A hair transplant can be performed not only on the head but also on other places of the body where there is insufficient hair development, such as the mustache, the beard, or the eyebrows.

The FUE process is frequently selected by men and women in the New Jersey area for a variety of beneficial reasons, and the absence of any pain during the actual procedure is one of the most popular selling points for this method. During your treatment in the office you can expect to be comfortable and pain-free while our professionals work their magic.

What To Expect From Local Anesthetics?

The use of local anesthetic is essential in hair transplantation at all stages, including donor harvesting, recipient site formation, and all other stages. In its most basic form, this type of local anesthetic is delivered through the use of a needle injection. When attempting to describe the discomfort that is felt after the injection of local anesthesia, one could say that it is comparable to the pain that is felt during dental treatments.

This particular method of administering local anesthetics utilizes very thin needles, which can result in mild discomfort to the patient’s skin. After being implanted parallel to the surface of the skin, the needle tip then slowly withdraws from the skin in order to slowly give the local anesthetics to the areas of the tissue where the nerves are diffusely dispersed.

As a result of this, even though only a small number of needles were used to inject the local anesthetic, it was distributed evenly across the entire area with very minimal pain. Pro-Nox is a local anesthetic that is the more recent and technologically advanced method of administering local anesthetics; they also result in lower degrees of pain.

Learn More About Painless Hair Transplant Procedures In New Jersey

Because of advancements in both technique and method within the industry, hair restoration procedures are no longer a painful or unpleasant experience for patients. Rather, they are now considered to be among the most comfortable cosmetic procedures available. Discover how your hair transplant may be as stress-free, comfortable, and pain-free as possible with the assistance of our trained professionals. You can get in touch with us right away by giving us a call, filling out a contact form on our website, or simply scheduling a consultation through our online scheduling system!

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