Platelet-Rich Plasma

Are you a woman suffering hair loss in New Jersey?

PRP is a safe and effective solution that is changing the way we treat hair thinning for men and women. In the past, the medical and public discussion about balding has been focused almost exclusively on men, though women suffer from this embarrassing problem too. Research indicates that an average of 70-80% of men experience progressive, genetic hair loss, but up to 50% of females also report losing their hair in noticeable amounts throughout their lifetime.

There’s a new regrowth procedure offered at hair loss clinics in New Jersey called PRP. It stands for platelet-rich plasma. Used for decades by doctors and surgeons to treat injuries, arthritis, dental issues and inflammation, this is a revolutionary treatment because it’s derived from a patient’s own body. That’s right- you have the power to heal and grow healthy cells rapidly within your own blood and it allows for directing this concentrated power right to the target area. In the case of scalp Injections, it triggers angiogenesis- new blood vessel formation and helps stimulate new hair cell growth. When utilized after a hair transplant surgery, the many proteins, growth factors and anti-inflammatory agents found in PRP will speed up healing and may cause newly implanted grafts to produce hairs faster.

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Why Does PRP in New Jersey Work So Well for Women’s Hair Loss?

Your blood consists of platelets, plasma, white and red cells. After drawing a small amount of blood in the office, (usually 20-40 ml) the practitioner can extract just the platelet-rich plasma through a spinning device called a centrifuge. Additional nutrients to feed and encourage hair growth can be added such as concentrated vitamins; however, platelets alone will be concentrated more than 5xs the usual amount and supercharge dormant, slow follicles. Studies are ongoing, but reports suggest that a 20-40% increase in hair density and visible growth can be noted after one treatment. For best results, we recommend starting your treatment with 2-3 sessions spaced a month apart, then maintain your thicker, healthier hair with one or two appointments per year.

Treatments Are Easy

You can be in and out of our comfortable clinic within one hour. The entire process from product prep to injection is simple and comfortable. Our patients can undergo treatment on their lunch break, then return to busy lives with no sign or a procedure or restrictions to worry about.

What Are The Safety Concerns?

Many people are concerned about the safety of hair growth drugs or surgery. That’s the best part about this technique. The treatment requires no downtime, no stitches or scars and carries virtually no risk of allergy or reaction because it is 100% autologous. That means it is derived from your own blood, so the risk of infection or introduction or synthetic and animal-derived ingredients is eliminated. Some medications are not approved as safe for women, other procedures can be costly or risk scarring. PRP for hair loss has introduced a remarkable option to treat women, and Nova Medical Hair Transplant would love to tell you more. If you’re ready to take charge of your thinning or balding hair, we can help. Give us a call today and set up your discrete, one-on-one consultation with a hair restoration expert. We look forward to meeting you.

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