How Does New Jersey Hair Loss PRP Work?

Reversing balding and hair loss with PRP in New Jersey has caught a lot of attention.

A biological super-treatment once utilized for surgical recovery, sports injury treatment and arthritis, now platelet-rich plasma is taking the cosmetic and hair regrowth industry by storm. You may have heard of this incredible hair growth option, but do you know how it works? Here, we’ll describe how it works so well and why it’s leading the way for safe and effective restoration options.

This is a product created from your own blood. While that may sound strange to you, keep in mind a minimal amount- roughly 20-40 ml—is quickly and easily drawn for treatment, similar to a regular lab test. The fact that it’s autologous, (comes from your body) means there’s virtually no risk of rejection or allergic reaction which is an incredible advantage. Your blood contains red cells, white cells, plasma and platelets. A centrifuge device is used to spin the blood into its separate components, then the platelet-rich layer is drawn into syringes for use. This potent formulation will contain 3-5 times the usual concentration of healing platelets. Your body uses platelets and their numerous growth factors to heal injuries and stimulate cell repair. Their cytokines and growth factors also relieve inflammation and trigger new blood vessel growth. All of these actions serve to increase nutrient delivery to the hair follicles and increase the rate, density and strength of growth.

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What Can New Jersey Hair Loss PRP Do for You?

Injections are administered to the scalp with fine needles just under the surface at the follicle depth. The topical numbing agents we use keep you comfortable throughout. While the scalp may feel slightly sensitive in the hours following your appointment, most people report no pain or bruising at all.

Though studies are still ongoing, initial results look very promising with an average of 20-40% density and strand length reported by patients after their treatment. In New Jersey, hair loss treated with PRP gives people their fullness, thickness and youthful vibrancy back. While it cannot grow hair if there are no follicles, those who’ve had thinning, slower-growing hair for some time or whose follicles are dormant will typically see a visible change. There is no downtime after treatment and no visible signs or scars to f=give away your procedure. You can come to Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and have your quick, natural hair growth session then return to work or daily activities within an hour.

You may be advised by one of our hair specialists to start your transformation with 2-3 treatment sessions spaced a month apart, then maintain your healthy new hair growth with one-two treatments per year.

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