Pre and Post-Treatment Recommendations on PRP for Hair Loss in NJ

Achieving measurable results without surgery

Pre NJ PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP therapy for hair restoration is 100% natural and so effective that it achieves measurable results without surgery, scars or medications.

So, you’ve decided to combat thinning and hair loss in NJ with PRP. When you schedule your treatment sessions, there are just a few things you’ll need to know to ensure you have the best experience possible and optimal results. This FDA-approved scalp treatment has no side effects, but there are recommendations most patients can follow pre-treatment:

  • Keep your scalp healthy. A gentle shampoo and preventing a build-up of hair products is ideal. If you have an inflammatory condition, rash or itching, you’ll likely need to clear that up first before undergoing treatment
  • Certain anti-inflammatory medications like Advil, Aspirin and Aleve make unnecessary bleeding more likely. As well, prescription blood thinners need to be discussed with your doctor to see if they can safely be paused. There are herbal and supplement formulas which also cause bruising, and these include Garlic, Vitamin E, Omegas, Ginseng and Gingko Biloba. Roughly 2 weeks before your procedure, these known blood thinners should be stopped
  • Don’t dye your hair within 3-4 days prior
  • Don’t smoke—it impairs circulation and will work against the benefits of the treatment
  • If you’re sick, wait until you recover because your immunity should be strong and healthy when undergoing PRP
  • NJ hair loss surgeons may also advise that you avoid the gym the day of treatment to reduce unnecessary swelling that may be caused by an increase in blood pressure

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Post NJ PRP Hair Loss Treatment:

  • After your session, your hair and scalp may look a little sticky with product and numbing agents that were applied beforehand. Your doctor will likely advise you to put on a soft hat and leave your scalp alone for the next few hours.
  • Most people describe the process as painless, though the scalp can be slightly sensitive or irritated in the hours after treatment. If you see redness or experience sensitivity, you can apply a clean, cold compress. Do not touch the scalp with your bare fingers or use your regular styling tools like combs and brushes because you may be at a slight risk for infection until your injections completely heal. Avoid touching or washing the scalp for 24 hours. Some people also find it soothing to apply warm water pressure to the scalp in the shower.
  • If you see minimal clear discharge on the scalp, this is expected. Contact your surgeon if you are concerned or uncomfortable for any reason.
  • Within 48 hours you can wash normally, apply styling products and treat the scalp as you typically would.
  • We recommend that you schedule 2-3 sessions a month or two apart when initiating your treatments so that you can see the most dramatic improvements. Most patients are able to maintain their hair growth and fullness with 1-2 procedures per year after that.

If you have questions about your PRP for hair growth, please give us a call at Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

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