Don’t Need Hair Transplant Surgery, But Still Want To Fix Thinning Hair?

The progression for hair loss is different for each of us.

Some people begin to see bare patches at a young age, and because their relatives are bald, they know where it’s leading. Others note thinning sometime during midlife and might not realize what is happening at first. This is especially true for women who don’t tend to see the same pattern of hairline recession that men do. PRP in New Jersey is a hair loss treatment that really works for thinning hair, and it’s quickly gaining popularity with men and women. If you’ve been seeking a safe and effective way to thicken up your hair and you don’t want gimmicks, drugs or surgery, we have good news. Read on to learn why this non-surgical option is solving the problem of thinning hair.

An average of 2/3 of men sees hair loss in their lifetimes and up to ½ of women too. For many of these people, it’s not typical male pattern baldness with a shiny, hairless crown, but instead a diffuse, overall thinning. It can make hair difficult to style, make the scalp more visible at the part and reduce the overall body and youthfulness of your locks. If faced with this issue, you may be thinking treatment is not worth medication side effects or the expense and scars related to surgery. Plenty of people just like you spend a small fortune on “thickening” shampoos which contain clay and other material to coat their hairs. We have a better solution. What if you could stimulate abundant growth of your real hair? A treatment that wakes up your sluggish, dormant follicles and triggers thicker, denser hair would seem like a dream come true. In New Jersey, PRP hair loss treatments are a dream product for many who want a safe but effective alternative.

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Why Does PRP Work So Well?

Short for platelet-rich plasma, this injectable serum is derived from your own blood. A centrifuge device is used in-office to quickly separate your natural blood components and isolate the concentrated platelet portion. These are the powerhouses of healing in your blood with growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties. They stimulate new hair cells, new blood vessels and trigger sluggish follicles to prolong their growth cycle. This treatment has been used effectively in sports medicine and surgery for many years. Doctors have long known the secrets of PRP, but hair loss in New Jersey is now revolutionized because we’ve discovered this is an easy and powerful hair regrowth formula.

Is It Safe?

It doesn’t cure baldness, and it won’t grow hair where there are no follicles, but it is a safe and reliable option for many people. The treatment increases density and accelerates growth without the use of drugs and without the need for scalpels or surgery. Since it is 100% natural and derived from your own body, the risk of allergic reaction or rejection is virtually eliminated. Transmission of disease or infection is also significantly reduced so long as you select a reputable, qualified medical practitioner. Patients find they can be treated quickly and return to daily tasks without any downtime. There is minimal discomfort involved and usually, no bruising or sign of a procedure at all.

If you’d like to learn more about exciting new hair treatments, please call Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today. We’d love to tell you more and help you decide if this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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