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Losing hair has been inevitable for most men since the beginning of recorded time.

They’ve been looking for ways to remedy this problem for nearly as long, it seems. In recent decades, the promise of better hair transplants and more effective medications have given plenty of guys hope that they don’t need to continue suffering from hair loss. In New Jersey, PRP is the newest hair growth solution, and we think it’s so impressive, it will change the entire industry. Those who want a surgery-free yet effective option, now have one. Read on to learn what this treatment involves and why it really works.

Safer Doesn’t Always Mean Ineffective

There are a few well-known drugs popular for prevention of hair fallout,and they produce varying results. For some, these medications slow down thinning, for an even narrower segment of patients, they can temporarily lead to new hair growth. The effects disappear once discontinued, and the side effects can be undesirable, to say the least. Those who wish to invest in a full hair transplant will receive the most dramatic and permanent results, but an average surgical procedure costs $14-16,000 which keeps it out of reach for many.

Enter platelet-rich plasma, otherwise known as PRP for hair loss. New Jersey doctors have valued this biological treatment in surgical and rehabilitation applications for many years. It became more mainstream in the ’90s with well-known athletes publicizing their rapid recovery from injuries due to PRP injections. Most recently, administration to the scalp has proven extremely useful to combat hair loss and to promote active growth. Studies are still ongoing and look very promising. But, why does it work?

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How Soon Can You See Results?

The injectable treatment contains powerful growth factors taken from the patient’s blood. Using the natural healing capabilities within you, doctors can concentrate those elements and inject them back to target areas. The concentration of cell-stimulating platelets can be more than 5xs the averagelevel in PRP formulations. With a quick, in-office procedure to draw, clarify then reinject the product, a patient can supercharge their hair growth and wake up dormant follicles. Results are still being studied but show an impressive 20-40% increase in density and growth, on average. The best part? The risks and adverse effects are virtually nil. Since this is not a drug, not derived from animals or synthetic sources and requires no incisions, it beats out the competition for safety, fast recovery and virtually no risks.

People typically see results within a month or two of New Jersey PRP for hair loss. It’s recommended you front-end load your transformation with two or three sessions timed one month apart, then you can maintain a thicker, fuller head of hair with once or twice per year appointments. While it cannot grow hair where there are no functioning follicles, it has so far delivered impressive results for men and women of all ages who have varying degrees of hair thinning.

This treatment works well for those who can’t have a hair transplant, don’t want one, or even those who have had a surgical procedure and want to ensure the best possible results. If you’d like to know more, why not call Nova Medical Hair Transplant today and schedule a private consultation? We look forward to hearing from you.

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