PRP for Hair Loss in NJ : Will The Procedure Be Painful?

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How Is The Typical NJ Hair Loss PRP Treatment Done?

If you’re considering a hair loss solution in NJ like PRP, your top question may be, “Is It Painful?”

There’s plenty of buzz around this non-surgical and effective new hair growth procedure, but understandably, many people worry that a cosmetic procedure will hurt or lead to significant recovery times. Though studies are ongoing, there is strong evidence to suggest platelet-rich plasma treatments are highly effective for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, but the even better news is that they are easy and comfortable.

A minimal volume of your blood will be drawn for processing- usually just 20-40ml. This is similar to a lab test blood draw at your doctor’s office and aside from a needle pinch, isn’t described as painful. Next, a handheld device called a centrifuge spins the blood to separate its cell and plasma components. The platelet-rich plasma later is then drawn into syringes for treatment. Sometimes hair specialists will add vitamin concentrations or other nutrients too. Your PRP solution will contain anywhere from 3-5 times the average strength of growth-stimulatingplatelets.

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What Do You Need To Know About Your Procedure?

Most of our clients at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic are surprised by how painless and fast the treatment is. We’ll apply a topical numbing agent to the dull sensation on your scalp, and small amounts of the solution are then injected roughly an inch apart across the thinning scalp area. These injections are done with a very fine needle and are super shallow, so they do not leave painful bruises or lasting discomfort. Patients usually feel a slight tingling sensation for a few hours after the treatment or mild sensitivity which can be soothed by a warm shower. Our patients return to work or daily tasks right away with no downtime whatsoever.

There are a few key, need-to-know facts about PRP for hair loss in NJ. First, it cannot grow hair where a person is completely bald and has no active follicles.

Second, though it is a comfortable procedure with minimal risks and virtually no downtime, you must select a qualified medical professional with experience delivering safe, effective treatments.

We recommend you don’t have your treatment after consuming alcohol or other known blood thinners because these can lead to unnecessary bruising or bleeding. Talk to one of our experts about items you may need to avoid leading up to your appointment.

Certain medical conditions which delay healing or autoimmune diseases may also preclude treatment, so talk to your doctor during consultation about possible medical concerns you have.

For most people, this is a pain-free, scar-free and surgery-free solution for real hair growth and revitalization. We welcome you to call and schedule your own consultation today and get ready to see thicker hair soon.

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