Reasons To Try PRP For Hair Loss

We can think of many reasons to get excited about a drug-free, non-surgical hair growth solution that really works.

In this article, we’re going to lay out our top 3 benefits to PRP for hair loss. This 100% natural alternative is growing in popularity each year among both men and women, for good reasons.

Remarkably versatile, there are very few restrictions,and this procedure works wonders for all types and all ages of patients. Ready to discover the latest baldness cure? Here are 3 reasons to give it a try:

It Has An Incredible, Proven Track Record

While it may be relatively new to offer PRP for hair loss in New Jersey cosmetic clinics, the treatment and science behind it have been around for decades. Long utilized in surgical settings and for sports medicine, platelet-rich plasma has been shown to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation fast when applied after surgery, for arthritis, for joint injuries and more. Dental surgeons and plastic surgeons caught on years ago,and it’s just now taking the hair restoration world by storm,but given its effective history, the future looks promising.

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New Jersey Hair Loss PRP Is All Natural

Nothing else is this natural and non-invasive. While hair transplants relocate your own, real, growing hair, they are still considered to be surgical procedures and carry with them the inherent risks of more invasive techniques. Non-surgical options have included either wigs or drugs up until now. Topical and prescription medications are commonly used,but the benefits are varied and short-lived. There are side effects to contend with and some can be quite a deterrent. Medications rarely if ever grow new hair, and they can be costly as well.

Men and women today want ways to look good and feel better without medication side effects. The PRPis taken from your blood, so there is no risk of allergy or rejection. Additionally, there aresignificantly reduced infection or disease transmission concerns.

PRP For Hair Loss Is Fast And Easy

The procedure is carried out in under 1 hour, in a comfortable office setting. Local and topical anesthetic mean that you won’t feel any discomfort. Patients return to their daily activities right away. They can go back to work, or even to the gym. While there’s no visible sign of treatment to cover up, there will be visible hair growth and density increases within a month or two. Patients are advised to have a series of 3 sessions spread over a few months to effectively target all hairs in their growth cycles. There you have the top 3 reasons why we love this healthy and safe option for hair growth. We could add that patients of all ages love this procedure, men and women alike, and it even compliments a hair transplant beautifully to accelerate results. If you’d like to know more and determine whether it’s right for you, we welcome you to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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