What Is The Process of PRP For Hair Loss in NJ?

What exactly the procedure will be like?

In NJ, PRP Is The Most Natural Choice for Hair Loss

One of the most promising new options to combat hair loss in NJ is PRP.

If you’ve decided to proceed with this treatment yourself, you’ll likely have questions about its effectiveness and what exactly the procedure will be like. Here we’ll outline the process of delivering the power of platelet-rich plasma to your scalp for hair regeneration.

You can have this simple, comfortable treatment in under one hour, in the comfort of our office. While you sit or recline, listen to music or watch TV, you’ll be relaxed and feel nothing but a slight pinch when blood is initially drawn from the arm.

Few treatments can claim that they are both 100% natural, and effective. While some vitamins and supplements claim to be safe and drug-free, they don’t deliver measurable results. Alternately, some medications have proven efficacy to at least slow the progression of balding, but they carry side effects and are not natural.

PRP is taken from your own blood. In it, the robust growth factors of platelets are concentrated and create a potent serum. By spinning a small amount of your blood in a centrifuge, your hair transplant surgeon can separate a concentrated growth formula. There’s no risk of allergic reaction or rejection as this is autologous- meaning it comes from your own body. What could be more natural?

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Platelets Are Growth Powerhouses

Did you know your platelets secrete over 20, distinct growth factors responsible for stimulating cellular regeneration? It triggers new blood vessel development called angiogenesis, and it tells the hair cells in your follicles to grow.

When the serum is injected in tiny amounts across your entire scalp, it goes to work instantly. It can be applied for those who use no other hair treatment at all, or as a healing booster after hair transplant surgery. Freshly grafted follicular units begin to heal and grow soon after placement, but it cannot only speed up the inflammatory process after surgery, it kickstarts growth and brings more blood circulation to the area.

NJ PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Is Easy

Platelet-rich plasma helps encourage the body’s natural healing factors. It can reverse the shrinking of hair follicles without risk of rejectionor other complications. It also requires no downtime.

Surgical procedures have come a long way, but they still necessitate at least a few days off work and a process of healing to follow treatment. Comparatively, PRP allows you to return to life and work right away without any redness, incisions or sign of injury. The scalp may feel slightly sore for a few hours post-injection. You’ll be able to see the results within a month or two,and we recommend you schedule a series of at least 3 sessions spaced one month apart. This way you’ll treat most hairs as they cycle through different growth phases.

If you want to learn more about hair restoration and the best options for you, please contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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