Surgery-Free PRP in New Jersey

Scheduling a Hair Treatment in New Jersey? Here’s Why You Need Surgery-Free PRP

Surgery-Free PRP

PRP Has Been Used for More Than 10 Years in Conventional Medical Treatments

New Jersey PRP hair treatment has gotten a lot of buzz lately as more people realize this versatile procedure is not just for sports injuries, facials and skin care anymore. PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, has been used for more than 10 years in conventional medical treatments for pain, inflammation and tissue damage.

How Does the Process Work?

In New Jersey, PRP hair treatments begin with drawing a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm. This is spun in a centrifuge which separates the straw-colored plasma and platelets for re-injection. This concentrated plasma is enriched with platelets that contain powerful growth factors and ingredients that trigger cell regeneration. When tissue is injured, this plasma carries cytokines and growth factors to heal the tissue. When used for cosmetic purposes, the treatment reduces inflammation, nourishes healthy cell turnover and renewal, protects the cells and prolongs the growth cycle of hairs.

Today’s modern hair transplant technologies such as FUE, have come a long way. The dramatic results that can be achieved to restore thicker, fuller hair are remarkable and the effect is more natural looking than in the past.

However, not every person who experiences hair thinning or balding is a good client for a hair transplant surgery. They may be too young, with an unpredictable, new pattern of hair loss and permanent interventions are typically not advised until it can be seen what rate of loss and what pattern the hair will follow. Plenty of people want a non-surgical hair restoration option as they want a completely natural treatment with no risk of side effects or downtime required.

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PRP – No Risk of Allergic Reaction

How Is New Jersey PRP Hair Treatment Different from a Hair Transplant?

PRP carries no risk of allergic reaction because it is autologous. That means that the product is supplied by the patient’s body and their body accepts it as natural. Just as your plasma and platelets naturally heal and restore the cells in your body, the concentrated solution applied directly at the hair roots encourages your own, natural hair to grow, thicker, denser and stronger. There are no incisions required, no stitches or scars, and recovery time is much faster. New Jersey PRP hair patients can return to work or daily routines immediately after their treatments. The cost difference between these procedures is also significant. With a full hair transplant procedure typically priced at well over $10,000, each session of PRP is between roughly $1,000-$2,000. This means that even 3-4 full PRP sessions will still cost less than a transplant, and will kickstart dramatic results that can be maintained with 2 treatments per year.

PRP can’t replace hair that is completely gone. There are some things that only a surgical hair transplant can achieve. However, it is well worth it to ask your hair transplant surgeon about non-surgical options as well and find out what possibilities there are for your hair.

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