Affecting Your Sex Life

New York Hair Transplant Recovery Guidelines – Why They May Affect Your Sex Life

Amping up Self-Esteem

Amping up self-esteem and sex appeal with a New York hair transplant

Amping up self-esteem and sex appeal with a New York hair transplant could be the beginning of your new lifestyle and outlook. More men each year restore thicker, fuller hairlines and recapture younger-looking confidence in careers, and romance. This procedure is considered “minor” but still surgery, so it’s essential to understand recovery and what’s required of you. The great news? Hair transplant patients typically recover fast, meaning they don’t miss much time at work or away from activities they enjoy. However, if you’ve wondered about sex after FUE, you’re not alone. Some people feel shy asking whether they can have sex after their procedure, and if so, when? Just a few guidelines will ensure you heal safely and look your best, quickly. We’ll outline what you need to know, below.

After a hair transplant in New York- Why will sex have to wait?

Don’t worry, most surgeons advise just 10 days abstinence from sexual activities and strenuous workouts at the gym. There are a few good reasons for that.

During your procedure, donor hair grafts containing tissue and hair follicles are implanted through tiny incisions in your scalp. They’re so small, in fact, that minor scabbing is all most people see for 3-5 days. You can expect to heal quickly if you have good overall health and follow precautions to avoid infection or inflammation.

These include 10 days without:

– Hot tubs Baths

– Saunas

– Strenuous cardio workouts and sweating

– Sexual intercourse

Another reason to hold off on intimate encounters for a little while is that it’s hard to predict physical activity during passionate moments. You might bump your sensitive scalp, or a partner might tug on your hair. Those grafts are delicate, so until they’ve healed securely in place, you’ll want to avoid pressure, rubbing or pulling on the hair.

Your follicles become stronger each day after transplant

Light physical activity is not only OK for most patients, but it’s encouraged after most cosmetic surgery. One of the most appealing benefits of New York hair transplants is that incisions close and blend in with the surrounding hair very quickly. That means people feel comfortable returning to work, socializing and conducting light, regular activity within a few days. For the first 7-10 days, on average, you can wear a soft hat to hide any pink or scabbed appearance to the treatment site.

Rest assured that once hair is growing strong and results begin to show a few months later, you’ll be glad you took it easy for a short while and kept those precious strands safe.

Most patients are excited to see full, stylable and dense growth between 8-12 months, and they carry themselves with a little more confidence whether getting close with a love interest, working out and swimming or as they bring their best image to work.

Returning to normal sex after hair transplant in New York

After only ten days, your grafts will have settled and established nourishment to root them in and help them grow. There will be no restrictions on your sex life, or even washing and styling your hair after this point. Your hair transplant surgeon will recommend supportive treatments to help follicles strengthen, and protective measures like sunscreen on your scalp.

This rapid recovery procedure is an investment that pays off for many years to come.

You’re welcome to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant for your complimentary consultation. Our hair transplant experts will develop a customized plan for your best-looking hair.

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Desired Boost

Sex after a hair transplant may not be something you’ve thought of.

It may have been a desired boost to your self esteem and sex appeal that led you to undergo a New York hair transplant. For many people, restoring full, thicker hair makes them feel better and look younger which can be a boost for relationship pursuits and confidence in general. Sex after a hair transplant may not be something you’ve thought of, but its worth thinking about so that you have realistic plans and expectations in place before your procedure.

Most hair transplant surgeons will provide detailed instructions designed to ensure a great recovery, so they will tell you about activities to avoid after the procedure such as strenuous exercise, swimming, saunas and direct contact to the scalp. Even though a New York hair transplant today is minimally invasive, and patients stay wide awake for the procedure, it’s still a surgery, so post operation guidelines demand that you avoid raising the heart rate and participating in cardio-type exercise for a short time afterward. This includes sexual activity, but many people don’t think of that

No touching!

Don’t worry, within a week this will be less of a concern.

Direct contact to the head and scalp can certainly happen in the throes of passion and it would be nearly impossible to ensure no direct contact to the hair transplant site during sex. It’s best to avoid sexual activity and workouts in general for at least 10 days after your procedure. Your hair transplant surgeon will advise you based on your individual situation.

Light physical activity, on the other hand is not only OK, but encouraged after most cosmetic surgery. You will certainly feel fine to walk around and go about most of your daily activities. Ask your surgeon when you can expect to safely get back to all your favorite exercise, but in the meantime, rest assured that when your hair is growing strong and results come in, you’ll be happy you did a great job of caring for your hair transplant while you healed.

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