Although hair loss is a normal part of aging, it is nevertheless a difficult and uncomfortable experience. Thanks to recent medical developments, the days of suffering from hair loss with little choices are past. With one easy procedure, a hair transplant may solve all of your issues. These are the top four reasons people receive hair transplants and four things to expect right after your procedure.

4 Reasons To Opt For A Hair Transplant

There are many reasons people decide to go with a hair transplant over temporary fixes like medications, ointments, and pills. Some of the following are the top four reasons to go with a hair transplant if you’ve been dealing with hair loss.

#1 Boost Your Self-Esteem

While some individuals may look good without their hair, this is not the case for everyone. You’ll have a lot of self-esteem difficulties for the rest of your life if you dislike your looks. If you are too humiliated to leave the home, these self-esteem difficulties might generate social and professional concerns. Fortunately, a hair transplant treatment may alleviate all of your self-esteem issues. Most patients report that they are more comfortable returning to their usual life after their hair grows back as they feel more confident with their appearance. While the results do take a few months to grow in, they are definitely worth it.

#2 Natural Looking Head Of Hair

Hair plugs are a thing of the past. Hair transplant surgery helps you to rebuild your own hair in parts of your head that are balding. This means you’ll never have to worry about having to hide your head again following the transplant. You may even be able to get your old hairstyle back. Living with synthetic hair is much more difficult than having a bald head, but that will never be a problem with a hair transplant. Since a hair transplant uses the existing hair follicles that live on your head, the hair that is transplanted is already one that matches the colour and type of hair you have. This means, once it grows back it will match the rest of your hair perfectly– with little to no visible signs of any hair transplant even performed on the scalp.

#3 Permanent Outcomes

A wig or toupee may readily conceal hair loss, but this is just a temporary solution. If you stop taking your hair loss medication, the positive outcomes you’ve experienced will completely stop. A hair transplant will allow you to grow hair for the rest of your life, ensuring that the positive effects you get are long-lasting. Because your new hairs are resistant to the hormones that induce baldness, the effects are permanent.

#4 Procedure That Is Both Safe And Effective

There are almost no risks involved with a hair transplant procedure, so you won’t have anything to be concerned about. The hair follicles on your scalp are transplanted using a tiny needle during the procedure. This assures that you will never have unattractive and inconvenient scars all over your scalp. You may be given a light sedative to help you relax throughout the treatment if needed. You may also resume your routine activities the day following your hair transplant due to the absence of pain and discomfort. While it does depend what kind of procedure you receive, the FUE method is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a safe, minimally-invasive option.

4 Things to Expect When Getting a Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Now that we’ve gone over four reasons to opt for a hair transplant, here are four things to expect when getting a hair transplant procedure in New Jersey.

#1 There’s A Chance You’ll Need More Than One Procedure

Unfortunately, not all patients, especially those with severe male pattern baldness, discover that their hair loss may not be completely reversed with only one hair transplant. A mega-session is one in which more than 2,500 grafts are transplanted in one session. We know that if a procedure is confined to 2,200 grafts or fewer, we may anticipate a 93 percent to 95 percent success rate. Patients who need more than 2,000 grafts may require two or more procedures. That being said, with newer technology on the market, longer procedures are capable of more grafts. This will all depend on the amount of viable hair grafts you have in the donor area and whether you are a candidate for a hair transplant of that severity.

#2 It’s Usual For The Skin To Adjust To The New Hair

The usual patient should anticipate to see a few new hair sprouts emerging through the surface of the scalp during the following several weeks to months. The time it takes for new growth to begin varies from patient to patient, but on average it takes three months. The new hair may not come in evenly, but it will ultimately all grow in. The new hair will be thin and fine at first, but it will thicken as time goes on. During this period, the patient may observe an acne-like condition developing in the recipient region. This is natural, and it’s only a few new hairs attempting to push their way through the scalp. These may get momentarily stuck beneath the skin, similar to an ingrown hair, however this is just a transient situation. This is an indication of fresh growth, which is a good thing.

#3 It’s Common To Have Shock Loss

Shock loss occurs when existing hair loss in the recipient region becomes amplified as a result of the stress of healing inflammation. Until the new transplanted hair begins growing and rebuilding the regions, some patients may have somewhat more hair loss and thinning in and around the transplanted area. To reduce shock loss, medications like finasteride or minoxidil are recommended. The shock loss period will only last a few weeks to a few months until the hair has entered their next growth stage.

#4 Keep In Mind Your Hair’s Growth Cycle

Hair growth takes time, and new hair growth might take anywhere from 2 to 3 months after the procedure. The majority of the outcomes should be seen between 6 to 9 months. Because new hair only grows 1cm per month, the ultimate results may not be seen for up to a year following surgery in some people. A FUE hair transplant’s ultimate results should be permanent and last a lifetime.

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The Advantages Of Getting A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures have been around for a long time and have now been getting more advanced than ever; this results in even better benefits. The following are some of the advantages of modern day hair transplants:

Long-Term Outcomes

A hair transplant process, unlike other hair loss therapies or treatments, provides obvious and long-lasting benefits in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the success rate of hair transplant patients is quite high, demonstrating its efficacy.

Natural Looking Hair Growth

One of the primary reasons hair transplant procedures have grown so popular is its ability to restore a natural-looking hairline that has been compromised by hair loss or thinning top hairs. Surgeons may put hair grafts in accordance with the patient’s natural hair pattern, replicating their former hairline, thanks to the procedures and technology employed during the procedure.

Helps With Androgenic Alopecia

Hair loss is not always the effect of age; in other cases, it is the result of a hereditary illness that runs in the family. Men who find themselves in this predicament might benefit from a hair transplant operation due to this condition.

Minimally-Invasive Procedure

The majority of hair loss treatments on the market today have substantial negative effects that may be dangerous to one’s health. Prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction are two difficulties that might occur. Unlike other hair loss treatments, people who undergo hair loss surgery often encounter no or very minor adverse effects that are not life-threatening and provide minimal discomfort.

Leave Your Hat Behind

It’s not unusual for men who are losing their hair to live behind a hat for the rest of their lives. Although a hat is less expensive than a hair transplant, it is more preferable to be able to face the world without the necessity for headwear.

Have A Wider Range Of Hairstyles To Choose From

This is a significant benefit of getting a hair transplant. When you have moderate to severe hair loss, you have two options: shave it totally or try to cover it up by growing it long. You’ll be able to pick whatever hairstyle you desire after a successful hair transplant.

Stop Worrying About Hair Loss

It’s a sad reality that many men who are losing their hair have nothing else on their minds. Hair loss may quickly turn into an obsession, particularly if you’re losing hair quickly. Getting a hair transplant may not only boost your self-esteem, but it can also alleviate the significant emotional weight that many hair loss patients face.

Make An Investment In Your Appearance

The beauty business is worth billions of dollars, and men and women alike spend a significant amount of money on their looks each year. Modern men value their looks almost as much as women do, and a hair transplant is one of the finest investments for preserving a young appearance.

How Can A Hair Transplant In NJ Help You

New procedures and instruments are continually being developed to collect more hair follicular grafts every session and provide the ultimate results for patients who are experiencing hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair loss and want a long-term cure, you could be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. The professionals at Nova Medical Hair Transplant New Jersey provide a variety of successful hair restoration procedures, including transplants. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about this time-tested and successful process. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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