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We’re excited about your transformation. At our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic, we’ve developed a comprehensive treatment package with a-la-carte options to boost and compliment your results from a hair transplant procedure.

We are hair loss specialists, so we can ensure that you have everything you need to prepare for a successful FUE hair transplant in NJ, then support and maintain your investment. The following is a breakdown of what your transplant package may include and an overview of options available.

The majority of clients who come to see us for hair restoration solutions are suffering from androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as hereditary hair loss or male/female pattern baldness. More men than women tend to experience this type of progressive hormone-related hair loss, but both men and women report seeing signs of hair thinning by the age of 50. Men may notice the classic horseshoe pattern of hair loss at the hairline and top of head as young as age 20.
When you first come to see our experts, we’ll tell you honestly if this is a good time for you to invest in a transformative hair replacement procedure.

Once we have gathered a brief overview of your medical history and we can see where your hair loss falls on the spectrum, we will develop a personalized FUE hair transplant cost plan to suit your needs the best.

Choosing to proceed with a minimally invasive, express hair transplant surgery at The New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic, means you will be provided with your own personal treatment area to keep your personal belongings, relax, enjoy a delicious meal or take some quiet time. Your stay with us will feel so comfortable, it’s almost like a day at the spa.

Your Hair Transplant Surgery

At our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic, we use the very best hair transplant devices in the industry.

Medical researchers and engineers designed the most effective, precise equipment available in HARRTS technology. Our patients tell us that the procedure feels easy and relaxing- not like a surgery at all. This is because of our advanced, microsurgery techniques and the comfortable, in-office setting. You will be able to recline comfortably while listening to your favorite music or watching television. The whole procedure takes just between 5-6 hours which is remarkably faster than hair transplant surgery has ever been. The advanced, precision robotic devices allow for fast, meticulous graft selection and extraction, while protecting and nourishing grafts before implantation. The take rate using the best FUE in NJ is a very high, 90%, because great care is taken to ensure transplanted hair follicles are kept hydrated, sterile and viable.

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At your complimentary hair transplant clinic consultation, you will be provided with a one-on-one, private medical assessment and discussion to determine the type of hair loss you are experiencing and what hair follicle density you’re at.

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It’s time for a haircut!

Before proceeding with your treatment, we will need to shave an area where hairs are the most robust-at the back of your scalp.

Hairs in this region, and often at the sides of the head, are considered to be somewhat DHT resistant. DHT is the androgen hormone responsible for hereditary hair loss especially in men, so the hairs which remain at the back and sides make excellent donor grafts and tend to stay where they’re are placed. This is true even when hairs are implanted in areas that previously lost hair due to DHT.

We like to offer our valued clients the option of a pre-haircut so that they can look as normal as possible in the days following their procedure, despite the small, shaved area. The effect achieved with clever and stylish barbering is that they’ve had a haircut, not a hair transplant.

Another benefit of the new, virtually scarless FUE is that you can continue to wear your hair short or shaved if you choose to. This was never possible in the past because old hair transplant technology involved excising a long strip of scalp from the back of a patient’s head and using that for hair graft harvesting. The long, horizontal line left behind is visible unless hair is grown long enough to cover it. Conversely, tiny pale dots are the only scars left behind after Follicular Unit Extraction procedures and these are so small they are nearly undetectable, (less than 1 mm diameter).


Fast, easy recovery after a FUE hair transplant

One of the reasons our advanced hair transplant procedure is so popular is that the downtime required is very minimal. We enjoy catering to plenty of elite clients including busy CEOs and A-list celebrities who get hair transplants. These people are in the public eye, yet they value their privacy and their time. We do as well. There is no hair transplant procedure as discrete and quick as the FUE solution. In fact, in our beautiful, sunny NJ location, we have many clients fly in for their fast, comfortable procedure and leave later the same day, feeling great.

Within just a few days, whatever minimal swelling or sensitivity appeared in the scalp and forehead area, will have dissipated and patients can return to most regular activities. After roughly day 5 minor scabbing may remain at the tiny graft sites in the hair transplant recipient area. Any remaining scabs can be gently washed off by around day 10. You will be provided with detailed instructions to ensure the delicate new follicles are protected and well-cared for.

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After your hair transplant, what’s next?

Because of the natural growth cycle of our hair, the phase just following a hair transplant can be the most difficult by far.

A significant amount of patience is required as you wait for the hair follicles to cycle through their transition and resting phases, then begin to grow new hairs. It is very exciting to see your own real, healthy hair growing from places on your scalp where it hasn’t been for a while! However, you will need to wait at least 3 months to enjoy this, and a full 9-12 months to see thick, full results.

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Nutritional hair growth supplements

We recommend homeopathic Arnica pellets, and the GliSODin® Advanced formula to be taken for 1 week before and after hair transplant surgery. GliSODin® is a patented dietary supplement designed to promote the body’s own natural healing and antioxidant system.

Containing various plant and algae extracts, plus Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) to battle oxidative stress, this supplement has the added benefit of supporting cardiovascular function, joint and bone health and boosting collagen production. SOD was discovered in 1968 as the first antioxidant mobilized by our body’s cells for defense. This powerful supplement is used to support the healing process and new cell creation after tissue trauma or surgery, which makes it an ideal compliment to your HARRTS procedure. We recommend that you take GliSODin® 7 days pre/post hair transplant to help feed your new hair follicles, reduce inflammation and swelling, and to help support the formation of new connective tissue.
Swelling which typically lingers for a few days after transplant and affect the forehead, can be reduced using safe, natural treatments like Arnica and GliSODin®.

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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Maybe you have heard of the trendy new, “vampire facial”? The catchy name for a popular beauty treatment sounds quirkier than it is. The incredible healing and regenerative properties of PRP are very well established in the medical world and though it has been used most recently in beauty treatments for youthful-looking skin, the science behind this treatment has long had many applications in sports medicine and pain management.

PRP, or, platelet rich plasma, is also a valuable hair and scalp treatment to provide non-surgical hair restoration and growth. In the early stages of hair shedding, PRP is an excellent treatment option to help stop hair fall out and restore healthy follicle function.

Using a small, (20-60cc) amount of the patient’s own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge, the red and white cells are separated out, leaving serum and platelets. Platelet rich plasma contains many potent growth factors and healing properties which stimulate hair growth as they are injected at the follicle level. The procedure is painless, fast and completely non-surgical. You’ll notice improved hair thickness and growth within roughly 3 months as the hair cycles progress.

A PRP scalp treatment can be used alone as a hair growth therapy, or in combination with a FUE procedure to provide the ultimate boost to fresh new follicles. Both men and women notice incredible results after PRP treatment whether they are just beginning to notice hair thinning, want thicker hair, or want to get the most from their FUE hair transplant in NJ. You can choose to use this advanced hair growth option to essentially, “fertilize” the scalp before your transplant, and again once you have healed. Talk to your hair loss specialist at the New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic and plan to protect your investment with PRP scalp injections. You may start to see benefits as early as one-month post treatment and we’ll recommend a total of 3, sessions spaced 1 month apart to see best results. In the long run, maintenance of a healthy scalp and glorious thick, healthy hair is encouraged with PRP scalp treatments twice per year to keep those follicles performing at peak capacity.

Pricing is available for PRP treatments either individually or in packages. Inquire at your consultation and we’ll gladly set it up for you.

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CopperK Hair Transplant After Care Products

High quality, medical grade hair products

You care about how your hair looks and about protecting your investment.

So do we. At our New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic we’ve curated a selection of the top quality hair loss shampoos, topical hair growth solutions and nourishing conditioners to ensure you can continue to fight fall out, keep good nutrition and blood flow circulating in your scalp and protect your delicate new hairs while they get established. You don’t want to use anything on your head that could clog pores, strip healthy, essential scalp oils or damage newly grafted follicles. Part of our comprehensive plan of care for you is the CopperK Aftercare 3-pack that includes a Calming Scalp Spray, used for post-procedure itching, a spray-on shampoo for gentle, safe cleaning in the first week, and a specialized scalp cream to keep the scalp at an ideal moisture-level which aids with comfortable healing, decreased scarring and comfort.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know exactly how to care for your hair and scalp after your FUE transplant procedure. Although you can carry out most daily activities with no issue, until the scalp is completely healed you will need to avoid infection risks like swimming pools and hot tubs- just to be safe. Patients should not rub the scalp for the first 7 to 10 days as this is a really crucial time for the newly transplanted follicles to establish themselves and take root. This restriction includes avoiding combing or blow-drying for the first week and only gently shower pressure is allowed.

Your best defense against hair loss is to know all of your available NJ hair restoration options, then let an expert advise you about how to use these treatments to your advantage for long-lasting, effective results. We focus our practice solely on hair restoration here at the New Jersey Hair Transplant Clinic. We know about the very best and most effective treatments for hair loss and we know we can help you.

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