Hair Transplant for Receding Hairline in New Jersey

Fixing Your Receding Hairline With a Hair Transplant in New Jersey

Male Pattern Baldness

Both Men and Women Are Affected by the Genetic Predisposition

The common problem referred to as “male pattern baldness,” is known medically as androgenic alopecia. Both men and women are affected by the genetic predisposition for it with an estimated 2/3 of all men and up to ½ of women reporting hair thinning or balding by the age of 50. Luckily, New Jersey hair transplant procedures are more effective than ever for permanent, effective treatment.

There are differences in how each gender experiences the progression, however. For women, thinning tends to be diffuse with hair falling out fairly evenly and visible at the crown. Their hairlines generally stay in place, but the scalp becomes more visible and hair part, wider.

In men, the progression of hair loss will usually follow a distinctive horseshoe pattern with temples and hairline receding first and bald spot forming at the crown. Eventually, these areas meet, and only a band of hair remains at the back and sides.

For some, hairline recession is the only type of balding they’ll see, and their 50’s and 60’s may be marked with slightly peaked temples and distinguished silver hairs peppered through the hair. Whether your hairline changes are subtle or moving fast, you may be investigating your options to get your youthful locks back.

If you schedule an in-person consultation with a New Jersey hair transplant expert, an important first step will be verifying that health factors don’t cause your hair loss. Other, less common types of alopecia may be may be related to malnutrition, trauma, illness, and medication. In most cases, these are temporary problems, and hair surgery is not an appropriate solution.

Your family history will be a key indicator of pattern hair loss, and your surgeon will determine your stage of progression.

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How Can Hair Transplantation Fix a Hairline

Modern Transplant Techniques Are Capable of Creating Realistic, Subtle Hairline Restorations

In the past, transplants involved large hair plugs containing several hairs placed in uniform rows. The old technique resulted in a tell-tale ‘doll hair’ look which was anything but natural. Today, a frontal hair transplant in New Jersey offers a very subtle, hair-by-hair transplant result that follows the natural pattern, density and direction of your real hairline. Grafts as small as one follicle can be carefully implanted to blend the edge and make the changes seamless.

The process begins with identifying a robust, donor area which is typically at the back or sides of the scalp. Then, either a strip is excised for graft creation, or individual punches are extracted with a precision FUE device. These leave less visible scarring and are typically preferred by today’s patients.

A skilled hair transplant surgeon will account for your hair recession, symmetry, overall hair density and age when planning the procedure. These factors are significant, and hairline restoration is not one-size-fits-all. For instance, it’s typical for older men to have more dramatic peaks at the temples and less fullness at the hairline. Implanting unrealistically dense follicle placement with an abrupt edge will appear fake and clearly out of place with the client’s age. Most people want results that are not obvious, so over-correcting can fail to deliver the desired results.

Hair transplant technology has revolutionized the possibility for permanent restoration, and now hairline correction can be done quickly and easily. Small changes can take years off a person’s appearance and restore more than just good looks.

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Hair Transplant Process

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