After FUE in New Jersey

Do’s and Don’ts after your FUE in New Jersey

FUE Is the Top Method for Hair Transplant

Hereditary Hair Loss Is Common for Men and Women in the US

Though a greater number of men, up to 2/3, are estimated to see their hair fall out starting as young as age 20. Balding has been considered a natural part of aging throughout history, but now people have the tools to fight fallout with real, effective and permanent hair restoration.

In New Jersey, FUE is the top method for hair transplant. Short for follicular unit extraction, this device-assisted approach has completely changed the hair surgery landscape, giving men and women a scar-free option to restore their hair. Though recovery time is faster than ever for this minimally invasive, micro-surgery, FUE patients must carefully follow post-op instructions to see the best possible results. The following is a list of do’s and don’ts that could help you stay on track after your procedure.

1. Arrange a Ride Home

Some people feel most comfortable with a light sedative during their procedure, and regardless, it’s helpful to not have to focus on driving after you carefully get into the car and relax post-session.

2. Keep Your Surgeon or Clinic’s Phone Number Handy

Though recovery is fairly straightforward, it never hurts to ask when you have a concern.

3. Keep Your Scalp Clean and Protected

Your surgeon will not likely wrap or bandage your head, but those tiny incisions are susceptible to infection for the first few days, and anything you contact the scalp with can put you at risk for problems.

4. Do Take the Medications Your Surgeon Provides

Take the medications your surgeon provides, including any pain relievers, anti-inflammatory or anti-itch medications. Most people do not report severe soreness, but itching while healing is common. Your doctor may give you antibiotics or a topical ointment. These are designed to prevent infection, discomfort and reduce swelling faster, so use them as directed

5. Sleep Semi-Upright

Depending on your treatment areas, your surgeon will tell you how to arrange pillow support. In general, elevating the head and shoulders is essential for at least the first week because gravity affects swelling. When you lay flat or bend over, extra pressure rushes to the scalp and increases swelling along with discomfort. Bending over and increasing blood pressure is strictly forbidden because you could cause bleeding. Keep your head elevated for a faster, comfortable recovery

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Carefully Follow FUE Post-Op Instructions

Don’t Do the Following After New Jersey FUE

1. Don’t Touch!

This instruction sounds straightforward but can be difficult to comply with for many. The scalp may feel itchy as you heal. It is a positive sign that indicates grafts are establishing blood supply and healing. As well, a natural response is to touch, so you may be tempted to feel the new little hairs now growing in your scalp. You will be prone to infection and disturbing the delicate healing taking place under the surface.

2. Don’t Drink Alcohol or Smoke

Your surgeon will likely ask you to avoid alcohol for a week post op and nicotine must wait even longer because it negatively affects your blood flow. It’s not worth compromising your entire procedure to have a cigarette.

3. Don’t Engage in Aerobic or Sweaty Activities

Anything that gets your heart pumping and blood pressure up are counter-productive for your scalp. With severe pressure increases, you could even push grafts out of their transplant sites. Excessive sweating increases your risk of infection. Your surgeon will ask you to avoid the gym and even sex for a time. It’s important that you wait for the all clear.

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